Is it too late for II from t20 schools

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Dec 6, 2023
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Is it too late for II from t20 schools? Its mid-January

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I think most T20 schools are done sending invites. Some may send a few more, but very unlikely at this point in the cycle.
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Does this apply to most MD schools? Or just T20's?
There’s still a handful of med schools still sending interviews, I was talking about the T20s in general
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Many T20s are done; some are mostly done but still sending out their last few small waves (Hopkins, Cornell, Northwestern, UCSF come to mind but that's not all). Heavily dependent on the specific school. However, even the ones that aren't done are still at very limited capacity, so while it's certainly possible to get an II from them at this point, you shouldn't bank on it.
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Most T20's send out a majority of their interview invites by January, at least for those wanting a higher chance of being accepted. Albeit there are exceptions and some T20's continue to send out interview invites until mid-February or so, but rolling admissions decreases the likelihood of being accepted along with that.
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