Medical Is it worth it to apply to DO school?

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Oct 27, 2013
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I am currently a senior in my undergraduate biology degree hoping to apply to DO schools for this cycle. I got my mcat score and got 123/127/122/125 for a total of 497. My cgpa is 3.49 and sgpa is 3.07. I had a bit of a rough patch this past year in a half due to some legal issues my family had to deal with because of my dad’s alcoholism on top of dealing with my sister’s own medical issues. My anxiety got the best of me and I had to focus on family more than school, attributing to my lower gpa and mcat score. This is something I’ve mentioned in my essays. I’ve worked as a CNA for many years and recently have been working as a patient service representative for an OB-GYN office. I also hold leadership positions in my sorority. I’m wondering if it is worth it for me to apply to DO schools since I have explained my grades/mcat or if I should try to get a better mcat.

2018 AACOM data lists the median MCAT for matriculants as 504 with the mean as 503.83. The mean cGPA is 3.54 and mean sGPA is 3.43.

22.7% of matriculants has an MCAT in your range, and 16.6% for sGPA.

While you have a good cGPA, BOTH your sGPA and MCAT are low, and while people have matriculated with the same scores, we don't know how many of them had only one of them low, versus both, nor do we know their individual backgrounds/experience/stories/etc.

There is a possibility that you may get some interviews, but I see this as an expense that could be put toward a year of coursework (sciences) and MCAT study so you have a stronger app for next year.

I would suggest taking the year to take some science courses to up your sGPA while studying for the MCAT to retake so that you are a first time applicant next year with a stronger app than being a re-applicant.
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