Jan 30, 2018
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Hi guys, I'm new here so sorry if my post is in the wrong place. Just a bit of a warning, this might be quite a specific situation and a fairly long post.

A bit of backstory: I'm currently a medical student in my final year in London. My boyfriend has always said he wants to eventually move to Australia as he loves it there and I've been considering moving for a while too. I'm already leaving London because I can't afford it anymore but I honestly just want to live somewhere warmer. And somewhere where I'll get paid enough to get a decent mortgage and build a proper life.

I've only just started properly looking at the ins and outs of moving to Australia and I'm a bit confused. I should mention that I intend to do my both my foundation years and my core medical training here in the UK. From my understanding, the foundation years here are equivalent to both the postgraduate years in Australia. And core medical training here seems to be equivalent to Basic Training in Australia. Hopefully I've got that right so far.

I'm looking to hopefully move to Australia for specialty training. The trouble is it seems Australia won't recognise my core medical training years - have I got that right? It seems I would have to do Basic Training essentially redoing my core medical training. There seems to be a recognition of prior learning route I can take but that won't cover all of it.

I'm actually not sure if the situation will change in the future as core medical training is being changed up here and upped to 3 years. Perhaps one day it'll be considered equivalent but I'm working with the information I have right now.

Alternatively I could just stay 4 more years and specialise in the UK as that seems to be the easiest way to move (i.e. as a fully qualified consultant/specialist). But if there's any way I can move after core medical training that would be amazing.

Anyone know if I've got all of this right? It seems like the easiest time to go is after F2 here (PGY2) to start Basic Training in Australia or once I've fully qualified as a consultant/specialist. There's a part of me that doesn't mind having to do Basic Training there after core medical training here. My only real issue is that I'm spending longer doing what I don't want as I'd like to be able to choose a specialty that I like.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!
Jan 30, 2018
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hey, sorry, will come back to respond when I have more time. in the meantime try the search function!

Hi, that's alright! I've tried searching but can't find anything to answer this specific question. I'm probably not using the correct terms when trying to search. I'll keep looking but would definitely appreciate the help if you find the time! :) Thanks for your reply
Jan 8, 2017
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As in try searching in this forum or SDN.
But i think your qs are indeed too specific to net an answer.

That said, you are on the right track. Easier to do basic physician's after F2 +/- 1-2 extra yrs, compared to your other options in terms of moving and getting work. As in, complete your foundation years. Apply somewhere in Australia and do extra resident or house officer yr or extra few months in Australia. i.e. yr starts in Jan/Feb in Australia. then apply to get on the BPT with RACP per reqs via the Aus hosp that hires you. Must be an Aus hospital that has BPT training. Have you had a look at the RACP website?

Consultant positions are increasingly tough to get in the med subspecialties. Arguably no different to competition fellowships or advanced trainee positions - unless you go rural. We are in oversupply and now feeling bottlenecks in various non-rural based fields .. No matter domestic or international background. It's not unheard of that even domestically trained RMOs spend yrs getting into a subspec (more reg yrs) or even do research yrs or PhDs. Some finish their training in whatever subspec and still end up as rural physicians that do their subspec on the side. If you choose to come.. be at least prepared for the long haul in training. If you don't think you have sufficient patience, think about it some more.

Aus - depending on hosp and states may send you to various locations within a yr. e.g. BPTs must do at least one rural rotation. some hosps send their bpts to various rural or regional sites multiple times in a yr.
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