1. G

    Australian Veterinary Students for Mental Health

    Hey guys, I'm a third year vet student at Adelaide. A few of us have started a peer support group in conjunction with the Australian Veterinary Association. If any of you attend an Australian vet school you're more than welcome to join, here's the link: Facebook Groups Our goal is to...
  2. B

    US Fellowship as an Australian Physician

    Hi all, I am currently a medical student in Australia (AU citizen) who is potentially exploring the possibility of completing a fellowship overseas - potentially the U.S. Note that I do not intend to stay in America to practice. I have written this post to get some better clarity on the...
  3. C


  4. W

    Australia International Students commencing in Fall of 2021.

    We are in a predicament folks. The world is burning, and COVID is spreading...I guess. Nonetheless, as students entering Oz, we face disappointing and uncertain times. Perhaps this post will serve to bring constructive debate and information.
  5. Spartacus.Free


  6. YCAGA

    Australian medical schools seem blatantly predatory towards North American students...am I missing something?

    Hi everyone, hopefully this post does not come across the wrong way. I come from a place of wanting to understand and possibly inform other North American premeds looking into Australian medical schools. I started looking into Australian medical schools for the same reasons many North Americans...
  7. OVC2023

    Australian Schools (Sydney, Melbourne) 2020 applicants

    Hey guys! I know it's a bit early but I've begun my applications to Melbourne and Sydney so I was wondering if anyone else is going through the same process/looking to begin sometime soon! I thought this might be a good place to discuss things if we need to!
  8. Nagpur_vet

    Anyone preparing for Australian National Veterinary Exam?

    Hello all! If anybody is preparing for Australian NVE, plz get in touch here. Thanks a lot.
  9. M

    International Student, Undergrad from US, Applying to Australia

    Hey there! As a non-US citizen, studying in Philadelphia, I've come to the decision to apply to med schools in Australia. I was wondering what is the application process like? What do schools look for? Are there personal statements and essays? What is the interview like? What sorts of questions...
  10. H

    Study partner- Sydney

    I am a female medical student based in Sydney in my 5th year of study, looking to do the USMLE step 1 in February 2019. I am in the intermediate stages of my preparation, and am planning to really ramp it up in the next few months. I have been going through FA and some UWorld questions this...
  11. S

    Another question about australian medical schools and residencies as an international student

    I see that there are plenty of questions regarding this already, so I am sorry for posting this, but I don't fully understand some things and can't find a few others so I feel it would be best to ask here. Sorry if most (or all) of these questions have already been posted before. I am currently...
  12. V

    which licensing exam to take? (IMG)

    Hey everyone, hope everything is going well :) I'm a 4th year med student in a 7-year MBBS program in Cairo, Egypt. I'm planning to take a licensing exam and practice abroad. But the thing is I don't know where to go. I'm currently in the US temporarily as a research assistant (some sort of...
  13. Y

    Australian M1 pursuing residency in US-- Advice and when to take Step 1?

    Hi y'all, please help me out! I'm seriously thinking of pursuing a residency in the US and so, will be taking the boards. My question is, when should I take Step 1? I know the general advice is to take it after the basic sciences (i.e. June of M2 for US students) but my situation is little...
  14. Y

    USMLE When to take Step 1? [Australian M1]

    Hi y'all, please help me out! I'm seriously thinking of pursuing a residency in the US and so, will be taking the boards. My question is, when should I take Step 1? I know the general advice is to take it after the basic sciences (i.e. June of M2 for US students) but my situation is little...
  15. EMT Potato

    Studying in Australia, planning on staying after.

    Hello All, I'm an American student completing my Bachelor's Degree in the US and I plan on going to med school in Australia. My goal is to train and continue practicing in Oz after graduation. I do not want to practice in the US and the wife and I would much rather earn our citizenships in Oz...
  16. D

    Canadian Student Applying to AUS Schools

    I have my BSc degree in biology and Im in my first year of dental hygiene... took the DAT twice, my DAT scores weren't the best but they weren't bad 21 was my highest and 17 being my lowest mark avg was 19. Tried applying to Canadian dental schools and got the interview for Dalhousie Dental...
  17. S

    Caribbean vs European vs Australian Medical Schools

    New to SDN, so if I am posting this in the wrong place please let me know! Long story short, USA and Canadian MD and DO medical schools are out of discussion because of the obvious reasons of GPA / MCAT and so on. I know going abroad will be harder and risky but, in a quick response please let...
  18. K

    Obtaining exemption to undertake AGPT General Pathway

    Hi, I understand that overseas trained doctors (OTD) and foreign graduates of accredited medical schools (FGAMS) only have the option of undertaking the rural pathway for AGPT training due to the 10-year moratorium rule. Are there any exemptions to this that would allow a FGAMS to undertake the...
  19. A

    IMG asking about pathways and residency

    Hey, I graduated this year from Jordan, i still have one year as intern here, then I’m interested in going to Australia.. First of all, I read about the residency in Australia and i saw the AMC website and the medical board, but I didn’t really understood the difference between standard...
  20. M

    Nontraditional - Do I have a chance?

    delete post
  21. Z

    Australian Dental Grad trying to work in the US

    Hi I am a Canadian citizen who is finishing my last year of a 5 year dental program at Griffith University in Australia. My plans are to go back to Canada and work there for a few years. The average income is slightly higher then some parts of Canada and Australia and that is what got me to...
  22. P

    doing dentistry school in australia and coming to canada

    Hi guys! I know about the agreement between australia and canada and that if you do your dentistry in australia you can come back to practice in canada after passing all of your exams. However, I have never seen or heard of a dentist here in canada who has gone to australia from dentistry and...
  23. P

    Dentistry in australia coming back to canada

    Hi guys! I know about the agreement between australia and canada and that if you do your dentistry in australia you can come back to practice in canada after passing all of your exams. However, I have never seen or heard of a dentist here in canada who has gone to australia from dentistry and...
  24. Rmaurer754

    Other OT-Related Information Master's Costs in Australia/U.S.

    Hi all. I'm going to be applying to some programs within the year for my master's, but the biggest issue I'm facing is the financial burden. Are there any current OTs/OT students on here that found an affordable school or method for paying? Student debt is soon to be hounding me and I'm hoping...
  25. 8

    University of Queensland Dentistry 2019 Cycle

  26. A

    OB/GYN in Australia

    Hi everyone! I'm a German doctor beginning my third year of specializing in obstetrics&gynecology (I think equivalent to a registrar in Australia). I'm thinking of moving (temporarily) to Australia either through the specialist pathway or the short term training in a medical specialty pathway...
  27. A

    Graduated from Jordan, interested in Australia

    Hey, Im about to graduate from Jordan this summer.. thinking alot about doing medical residency in Australia, a relative doctor works there and he advised me come there.. I read alot about Australia but as I read more details I get more confused.. I really wanna hear what do I have to do to...
  28. D

    Looking for Indian MDs who have moved to Australia to interview for website

    Gday! I write a blog called Doctors Down Under designed for med students, Drs in training, IMGS etc. from all around the world interested in moving to Australia. I also post accounts of IMGS who have already made the move. I am looking for other real life accounts to put on the website (anon)...
  29. C

    Is there a Basic Training equivalent? E.g. Core medical training in the UK?

    Hi guys, I'm new here so sorry if my post is in the wrong place. Just a bit of a warning, this might be quite a specific situation and a fairly long post. A bit of backstory: I'm currently a medical student in my final year in London. My boyfriend has always said he wants to eventually move to...
  30. EMT Potato

    Studying to Move to Australia from USA

    Hi all, I'm a current student at an American University looking to study medicine and move permanently to Australia. I would not like to work as a doctor in the US and I have no concerns on moving back to the country. I would like to know if it is possible to study at an Australian Uni like UQ...
  31. E

    Heavy Expenses for Graduate School

    For those who have been, are, or will be in a similar situation as me, where you're worrying about copious expenses for graduate school: Please, help! This is my current situation: I just got accepted into the DPT program at Bond University in Australia and am trying to figure out how I am...
  32. K

    What are my chances? (4.0 GPA scale to 7.0 scale)

    My school reports marks on my transcripts in percentages. When I go to convert these percentages on a 4.0 GPA scale, it's around ~2.77 (barely meets the cutoff of 2.7). Whereas if I take those percentages and convert them on a 7.0 GPA Scale (as per GEMSAS), then my GPA is fairly high ~6.3/7...
  33. A

    Skype study partner for CS in the Aus/NZ time zone

    Hey! I am looking for a Skype study partner in the Aus/NZ time zone. I'm scheduled to take the CS test in December. Please inbox me if you're interested.
  34. M

    Masters in Australia

    Hey, So I'm currently doing my final year in MBBS and about to start my 1 year long internship in January 2018. I've always wanted to move to Australia for my post graduate studies. Hence, to do Masters in Surgery, I'd be really grateful if someone could help me out and outline the...
  35. Domperidone

    Maldistribution - AMA press release

    NEW MEDICAL SCHOOL – GOOD INTENTION UNDERMINED BY BAD POLICY And to no surprise regarding further bottle necks - there's shortages in Advanced Trainee positions by close to 600 spots. There's always an influx of interest in Australian schools by North Americans and Singaporeans. And then...
  36. G

    UQ (University of Queensland) Traditional 2018

    Is anyone here applying for UQ Traditional Feb 2018 intake? I have seen tons of threads for the Ochsner Programme, but have not seen any for International applicants not going through the Ochsner pathway. It would be good to know more people before Feb comes.
  37. H

    Adc australian exam 2017

    Hey doctors iam palestinian live in ksa .. i want to practis dentistry in australia .. i contact adc and they want license and that what i can offer .. so i want to know if there is any way without licens .. And if i can use temporary licens i used for 3 years from.now in egyptian fellow ?
  38. qyle95

    Course structure difference - need advice

    Hello folks, I have decided to go to veterinary school in Australia, and is still in the process of deciding which offer to accept. Murdoch and Melbourne are the schools I got into, and seeing as the cost to go to Murdoch is only slightly lower, I wish to make a decision based more on the...
  39. GC-DR

    US-IMG from Australia looking at psych, i get 1 overseas elective where should in USA?

    Hey guys long time lurker. I'll start with my question more info on me below. I have 1 overseas elective to gain USCE, where is the best place to goto with my stats which will help me match later on? My preference is West Coast over East Coast, i have Nevada residency. I'm from Small Private...
  40. kozmo1994

    Australian Med schools for American students

    Good evening I am an American citizen who just graduated with a BS in Health sciences and I am planning to apply for med schools in Australia. I want to live in Australia after graduating so I am not really concerned about practicing in the US. Med schools in the US are really expensive and...