BOTH Is this 8-week dedicated schedule missing anything?

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Oct 21, 2019
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Posting on behalf of a friend without an acct, 2nd year DO student taking STEP 1 in 8-9 weeks and COMLEX 1 one week later.

Aiming for 2 UWorld blocks + review per day, First Aid, reviewing all of Sketchy and Pathoma and as much Boards & Beyonds as needed/possible.

Scored a 570 on an in-house "COMLEX-style" exam in September 2020, doubt that's helpful but the school is making us take several practice COMSAEs and COMAT in the next 2 months.

2/27 Amboss self-assessment got me a 210.

Week 1: NBME 25, Kaplan test (reqd)
Week 2: NBME 27, COMSAE (reqd)
Week 3: UWSA 1
Week 4: NBME 29, COMAT FBS (reqd)
Week 5: NBME 30
Week 6: NBME 28, COMSAE (reqd)
Week 7: NBME 26
Week 8: UWSA 2
STEP 1, COMBANK questions and OMT Review, then Level 1 one week later

Am I missing anything? Too many practice tests, should I cut NBMEs the weeks I have the other required practice tests? Is there a specific order for NBMEs? A friend suggested this order but I can't find much info on order. Should I review more COMLEX-specific stuff during weeks 1-8 and if so how much? I think I have a pretty strong base. I have never used Anki and hate it. Is that going to mess me up? My original goal was 235/605, is that realistic? Any commentary welcome.

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