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  2. ialllipfh1607

    Canadian Applicant for US Dental Schools - DAT Scores and GPA Opinions

    Hello everyone !! I just finished up my junior year of undergrad and am looking to apply this upcoming cycle/summer to U.S schools! My cGPA is a 3.81. My November Canadian DAT test scores were 21AA, 23GC, 18 BIO, 18 PAT and 21 RC. I was planning on applying to NYU, BostonU, Tufts...
  3. DareForest

    Thoughts on the Canadian Feb 2019 DAT?

    Who wrote it yesterday? How did you find it?
  4. T

    Caution using DATbootcamp for the Canadian DAT

    Hey everyone, So I took my DAT yesterday and for the most part, the test went fine. The section that really took me by surprise was the reading comprehension. On the DATBootcamp website, it says there are no difference between the American and Canadian DAT. So I trusted it. I went into the DAT...
  5. DareForest

    What to use for the 2019 Canadian DAT?

    This is a question for those who have taken the Canadian DAT, I just signed up for the Canadian DAT an hour ago so i'm trying to figure out everything. I have about 6 weeks left to study but i don't know what materials i should be using to prepare given the amount of time i have. All of my...
  6. WarfarinS

    Canadian DAT resources

    This is the 2nd time i'm writing the Canadian DAT after finishing up my undergrad at UofT with a 3.89 GPA. The only thing that held me back from applying to dental school last year was my terrible DAT scores. So i'm pretty desperate to do well this time around. The first time I wrote the DAT I...
  7. D

    Should I Retake the DAT?

    Currently in pre-dental , I recently wrote the Canadian DAT and scored as follows : RC:21 Bio:20 Chem:22 PAT:19 AA:21 oGPA 3.93 sGPA 3.87 I am fairly confident I could do better on my PAT as I was rushed because I spent too much time on the keyholes (due to the fact there was no visible...
  8. R

    Took the Canadian DAT in November

    I recently took the Canadian DAT in November and got these scores. Reading comp: 20 BIOL: 18 Chem: 17 Sci Total: 18 Academic Average: 18 PAT: 14 MDT: 6 This was my first time taking the DAT, and I went into it with zero preparation, based off these scores alone do you think there is any chance...
  9. J

    Canadian DAT practice exams?

    would anyone be able to direct me to any canadian dat practice exams? I've only been able to find ones provided in the booklet by canadian dental association.. any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  10. J

    Difficulty of Canadian dat and US dat?

    I'll be taking the canadian dat in november but have been studying off dat materials recommended by american students (dat bootcamp, destroyer etc..) For those who have taken both exams, how would you compare the two? I'm mostly worried about the bio section, since there's just so much...
  11. N

    Canadian applying to american dental schools

    Hi guys, I'm a Canadian citizen and I'm going to be writing my Canadian DAT in November. I'm applying to Canadian and American schools (only the ones which say they accept Canadian DAT). However, the Canadian DAT is different from the American since it does not contain an organic chemistry...
  12. S

    Taking the Canadian DAT after the American DAT?

    I want to take both exams if possible. However, if I take the American DAT around October 12 and Canadian DAT on November 4th, would this be allowed? I mean are there any rules and regulations that don't allow you to take the two exams close to each other?
  13. Shahed B

    New Canadian DAT Reading Comprehension

    Hi everyone! My team and I have been working on a new platform for the Canadian DAT Reading Comprehension section for a while now and we are incredibly excited to announce it is officially finished and fully tested. :) What's so special about this platform? While you practice the Canadian DAT...
  14. R

    Feralis Biology Notes for CANADIAN DAT

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has used the Feralis Biology notes to study for the Canadian DAT. If so were these notes sufficient for the biology section of the Canadian DAT? Thanks
  15. 7

    My Canadian DAT Experience (23AA 98%percentile)

    I got my Canadian DAT scores back earlier last week and I managed to score 98th percentile or higher in every section except reading comprehension. Since there isn’t much information on the Canadian DAT on these forums, I thought I would share my experience on how I studied and scored so high on...
  16. M

    US and Canadian DAT

    I think it's my turn to give back to SDN after using it so extensively for all my questions :) Background: I am a Canadian and a very "non-traditional" applicant. I have a bachelor in engineering and a masters in healthscience and after several years of work in the industry as an engineer I...
  17. Versadth

    What to use for PAT Canadian DAT

    I've been using DATBootcamp and DATCrusher for the PAT and both are amazing resources. But I've finished all the Bootcamp PAT Tests and so I moved on the DATCrusher but I know I'll run out of their tests too (I got 2 more to go) and I still have more than 1 month left before my Nov DAT. A lot of...
  18. Shahed B

    DAT Crusher - Free Online Canadian DAT Practice Tests

    Hi everyone! We have just released our NEW printable PAT generators! These advanced generators allow students to print UNLIMITED PAT questions on paper in the same format as the Canadian DAT/CDA manual! Feel free to check them out at: https://datcrusher.ca/classroom/printable-pat-generators/...
  19. E

    Crack DAT PAT vs Dat Bootcamp

    I've heard a lot of people recommend bootcamp over Crack Dat for the PAT section but they were mostly american. On the other hand, I know two people (canadaians) who have gotten amazing scores on PAT using Crack Dat. I don't want to buy both because knowing myself, I feel like i'd be even more...
  20. N

    Is this possible??

    Hello everyone. I'm going to apply for a Dental school in 2018, but Im thinking of taking this Nov Canadian Dat (as I think starting fast is better than doing later) Ive started to study since Aug, but only covered 50~60% of General Chem and Bio in Princeton review book, without starting Qs...
  21. R

    Canadian DAT Study Help

    Hey guys! I'm planning to take the Canadian DAT in Nov 2016. I have not started to study yet :vomit: Just now I am researching what materials I will need to study. Study materials that I'm planning to use are: Chem: Chads videos (on coursesaver), DAT Destroyer. Bio: CliffsAP Bio, and Feralis...
  22. E


    Just a quick question... Do you think the DAT destroyer on its own is enough or should I get both the DAT destroyer and the General Chemistry Destroyer? I'm just starting out (in other words the wrath of hell has just begun)...I'm planning on writing the Canadian dat in November My general...
  23. B

    Questions for Canadian Applicants

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if/when we should be submitting our Canadian DAT scores. I've heard that if we wanted to send them in February (when we wrote the Canadian dat), American schools would assume it was for the previous cycle and not keep them on file. So since we must...
  24. A

    February 2016 Canadian DAT Scores?

    How did everyone else do? What do you think of these scores for getting into UBC? RC: 25 Bio: 24 Chem: 20 AA: 23 PA: 19 MDT: 17
  25. A

    February 2016 Canadian DAT Scores?

    How did everyone else do? What do you think of these scores for getting into UBC? RC: 25 Bio: 24 Chem: 20 AA: 23 PA: 19 MDT: 17
  26. P

    American vs Canadian DAT?

    Hey just wondering but if I take a DAT prep course for the Canadian DAT (planning on doing both american and canadian) would that be good enough for the American? Basically, do they cover the same stuff (aside from the carving obviously)?
  27. P

    Canadian DAT Breakdown: Bootcamp, DAT Genius, Topscore, destroyer

    Hey guys! So I used this site a lot during my DAT preparation, and like a lot of others realized that there isn't very much information specific to the Canadian DAT! I just wanted to post a breakdown of my scores and what I would, and wouldn't use again as a resource! Short version Bio: use...
  28. A

    Canadian DAT Prep

    Hello, I am writing the Canadian DAT test in a few months. I have so far used Cliffs AP Bio and Ferralis Bio notes for biology review and DAT destroyer for bio and chem questions. I wanted to know if DAT destroyer is sufficient practice for the chem portion of the Canadian DAT. I know everyone...
  29. J

    Which American Schools Require the Manual Dexterity Test from the Canadian DAT?

    Hello, I'm a Canadian student currently going to college in the US (also a US citizen) and I'm leaning pretty heavily towards taking the Canadian DAT rather than the American version. Before I make a final decision, I'm trying to find out which American schools don't require the Manual...
  30. M

    Feb 20, 2016 Canadian DAT Group Discussion

    Hey, I am taking the Canadian DAT for the first time in Feb. Any insight or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated :):)
  31. D

    BDS taking DAT

    I m an internationally trained dentist, and am taking the canadian DAT. Anyone in the same boat and embarking on doing the 4 years to DDS here can get in touch to compare notes. I am unsure if any people here know if the universities accept the BDS for their academic requirements or not...