Issue with NextStep CARS

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Has anyone else noticed that with the NS cars book, they tend to ask a lot of passage detail questions? They have question stems that seem like they are supposed to be main idea/incorporation of new information/inference/other variations of question types, but then it just turns out to be a passage detail question anyway.

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Yeah, this has been noted before about lots of the non-AAMC cars material out there Kaplan, NS, TPR, EK, many others tend to rely on detail Qs to add more practice Qs. I am not sure what the exact % of details Qs the AAMC will ask (skill 1,2,3 can be detail Qs, or based on detail) so I cannot say if they are too much. Either way I chalk it up to my chance to practice reading and paying attention to passage ideas since all CARS Qs depend on passage information.

I will offer that the NS and EK FL exams are much better, and mimic the AAMC cars really well IMO.
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