It must be finals week


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Mar 18, 2013
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    There's this new building on my campus called a library. I'm convinced other universities have them too! Everyone should look for it during finals week, because I'm pretty sure it's hidden during the rest of the semester. I have a working theory that the cloak of invisibility, from Harry potter, is draped over it and they only unveil it in times of need. Just a theory though! Oh, and when you go to this "library" be sure to go to the silent floors to "study". If your going to study your going to need to get relaxed. A good way to get into that zone is to listen to music. Now I've heard a myth that iPhones are sold with headphones. If you believe that then you obviously don't have enough $wag to have an iPhone and should trade it in for a slider or flip phone and take yourself back to a time where getting on the internet sounded like a dial tone that decided to go on a cocaine binge and lost control (dial up). Anyways, find a good station to play. Some suggestions are "wrecking ball radio", "twerk radio" or my personal favorite "skrillex dooooee radioo". Once you find the one you want, BLAST that s**t ! If anyone gives you a hard time don't take it personal. After this week when the library disappears you'll never have to see them again! With some wishful thinking they might even get trapped in there and be forced to study there everyday; that would be awful! HashtagYOLO


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    Jan 27, 2011
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      Aug 21, 2013
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        Some wild hot women may appear in the library. Be careful not to frighten them as it is not their natural habitat. Simply placate them by complimenting them on their excellent taste in neo-paganism art and be sure to let them know you are a future tooth doctor.
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