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Jun 23, 2007
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Seems like every kid has, or recently had, a cold. How many cases have you canceled since Thanksgiving day? How many cases you wish you have canceled? I have done quite a few that were kind of iffy only to regret it later. Bronchospam, secretions, low sat in pacu, etc... But, there are SO MANY kids with a cold that I'm afraid I might piss off The Bossman for canceling them.

Wish I canceled- about 10.

Pediatric surgeons should take the whole winter off, IMHO.


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Apr 16, 2006
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Cancelled one the other day. The kid when I listen to his lung fields was actively wheezing, he was coming in for a T n A. We gave the kid some nebs, was going to tk the kid to the OR.

The ENT surgeon found out about this. He decided to cancel the case for us.

My attending said he probably would have just gone ahead with the case, given this is the 'season' . From what I've seen, you should go ahead with the case unless the kid is actively wheezing, has purulent rhinorrhea,etc.
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