Jan 14th Iowa acceptances????

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Dec 12, 2006
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All right, I'm freaking out. I called on Friday and they said that the committee was meeting that day. Anyone else waiting from Iowa or out of state??

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Hi i'm actually in state, still waiting. Oh man I i thought they were gonna meet later. Did they tell you when the people they're accepting will be notified? On the 14th by email? On the 15th by snail mail? Man I'm so excited, I hope I get in!

Also, when you say they were meeting that day, do you mean they met friday or are meeting on the 14th?
i called the secretary to make sure my transcripts were received and she said they met on fri. good luck! its's technically mon. right now, but isis didn't change and i didn't think it would. i'll just be checking it every hour this monday. i think they could either call, email, or through isis.
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So did anyone get accepted to Iowa today per previous reply. Curious me:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Nope. And boy am I disappointed...
That's weird... I just emailed Elaine Brown and she said they haven't met this year. She said they might have a decision on my application by next week or at the latest mid-February.
Hey Oclor. When did you interview? I interviewed in mid November. That is weird. First, they said they met. Now they said they have not met.:eek:
october 12th
Anyone hear anything?
I saw that one person updated on predents with an acceptance today.
Yea they called me today around 11...

I'm thinking not a lot of Iowa and surrounding area people use predents or SDN so maybe that's why there isn't much action on here or there.

Anyways, she didn't say anything to me that would indicate whether there are a lot of spots left or what, however, mine may very well still be available: I very much enjoyed my visit to Iowa and think the school is an awesome program but I am getting some acceptances recently and most likely will choose elsewhere. Don't lose hope.