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Dec 29, 2004
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Hello Everyone,
I am currently a medical resident (MD) in Oncology in Romania-Europe.
I have posted this message, because I am desperate.
I am looking for a laboratory-job in the US (research assistant, lab technician) since January, and I couldn't find one. I could go with a J1 training visa, so no sponsorship is required, only a job offer.
I am looking for a job for 1-2 years, 'til I take the USMLE and begin the residency in the US.
I was an excellent student. I have been working in the US before, in 2000, 2002 and 2003. I have volunteered in several research laboratories in Romania.
I have sent about 200 (!) e-mails to different universities and companies, and I couldn't find anything. (I had a couple of positive feed-backs, but they didn't materialized in a job offer.)
I have learned all my life, I speak 3 languages (English, Romanian, Hungarian) and I understand German, and now I am stumbled over a problem like this.
I have to mention, that I didn't take the GRE, but I do not want to apply for a PhD program.

If someone could help me in finding a job it will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,

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Do you have a perference for a particular area of the country?

If you are just sending out random emails to human resource departments and PIs you might have trouble since you are not connected. Be sure to respond to specific job ads and follow the directions explicitly.

Are you checking the job postings of specific universities and hospitals rather than large websites like

You can try this if you haven't already.
There are quite few people in your situation there who are working lab tech positions before starting residency.

If you are thinking of a particular region of the country you might try to find out if there is a Romanian group/club who could help you.

I think you might be encountering some difficulties because you are not currently in the US. Could you get a travel Visa or something and stay with friends or family that are already here? This might help you because you talk to people personally rather than sending out emails.

Well, I hope this helps.
Thank you for your message.
I almost thought no one here cares.
Private message sent.
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alcor said:
Thank you for your message.
I almost thought no one here cares.
Private message sent.

just keep looking..and follow the previous advise.try to target specific offers. My husband is in the same position than you..he is been looking for a job in a lab or a phD) to stay with me and our baby in the US since i will be attending pharmacy school in Tennessee. Like you too he has received a lot of positive feedbacks so far but no concrete offer for a job ( but some schools seem interested at him for the phD..let hope that it's not empty promesses, we will find out 2 to 3 weeks from now)

Every time you apply for a job the potential employer sees you as somebody he has to sponsor for H1B visa. they do not understand necessarly well the j1 visa since it is mostly given to medical school student. and even if you are a medical student, the way you are presenting you job search is like you are looking for a job period: therefore need to be sponsor under a h1b visa.

so keep in mind that when you are looking for a job by yourself like you are doing NEED to be sponsored for a H1B least it is the way they see it here.

Persistance always pay off...don't give up....good luck.
Department of Surgery, Division of Urology at University of MD, Baltimore.

Dr. Toby C. Chai, M.D.

PM me if you are interested... I am the current lab technician who is leaving the lab in August.
Thanks guys!
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