Feb 14, 2020
I was recently confirmed for an interview at Johns Hopkins for the postbac premed program. (I've also applied to Columbia but haven't heard back yet. In any case, JH is my first choice.)
I'm wondering about any information out there with respect to the interview itself. Like, questions that are asked, characteristics they want to see showcased, questions they want the interviewee to ask, etc.. Also, and to a lesser extent, how did you go about preparing for the interview?
If it helps, here's some background. I've been out of my undergraduate program (which is quite distinctive and has sent students to JH PBPM before) for about a year. I graduated with a nearly perfect GPA at the top of my class and with more campus leadership experience than the average bear. Verbal/Essay GRE is great, Quantitative just north of average. Some clinical experience (mostly shadowing), but not quite enough to make me feel secure. Work since graduation has been in academic/public philosophy, focusing on neuroscience and the philosophy of science/nature. Other experience in political theory/healthcare policymaking, education, and outdoor medicine (wilderness first responder, expedition leader). I also studied anatomy for a summer at JH while an undergraduate.
Any information is much appreciated. Thank you.
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