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  1. F

    Help! prelim interview date swap for UCLA Olive View

    Hi, anyone has an interview date at UCLA Olive View prelim medicine scheduled for 1/6 that could be swapped to 1/5? It would be mean that I could actually interview at the program and I would be eternally grateful. Happy to buy you postmates dinner and boba. Thank you!!
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  3. P

    UCSF SOP Entering Fall 2021

    I didn't see a previous thread about this yet, but wanted to know if anyone applied and has already received interview invites for UCSF School of Pharmacy Class of 2024?
  4. GradVantageRx

    Virtual interview tips (Zoom etc.)

    This is going to be a very interesting year for residency interviews. We would like to kick-off a thread discussing tips for virtual interviews. Here are a few: Consider your background - ideally, it will be neutral and not distracting If your bed is visible, that's cool, but make your bed...
  5. C

    Stories from the Interview Trail (Virtual edition)

    It's been a while since I've seen one of these threads, so why not? This cycle has been unprecedented and quite frankly, a doozy. To bring some levity to these times, I'm curious if anyone else has had some funny or horrific experiences during their interviews this season. Mine? Well, I was...
  6. S

    '20-'21 Interview Timeline

    Since finishing my application last Tuesday my anxiety has shifted from applications to interviews and have searched a few times since then for any consensus on how the interview timeline will be different this year. The most common response I had read is "no one knows", which is fine leading...
  7. T

    Thoughts on PCO, MCPHS, & Midwestern (CCO)?

    Hello everyone! I've been looking through this forum and noticed that there are no interview feedback pages for MCPHS and Midwestern (CCO). I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on SALUS/PCO, MCPHS, & Midwestern (CCO). Do you think NBEO pass rates should be a the largest factor in...
  8. samurai5511

    Have an upcoming interview and need a starting point for preparing.

    I have an in-person interview at ARCOM on October 13th and need some advice on how to prepare. Are there any materials I should read to be ready for ethical type questions or specific questions to prepare for? I am going to take time and do detailed research and talk to my friends who have had...
  9. fitpredent

    Low GPA and Received Interview Before Taking DAT

    As the title suggests, I somehow received an interview before taking the DAT. COVID has obviously put a wrinkle in admissions process in general, but I am shocked consider my low GPA (3.3overall, ~3.1science). My situation is odd as I received the interview before taking my exam, but scheduled...
  10. slewis_nymc

    Anesthesiology Residency Application Virtual Forum - August 25th, 6PM EST

    In response to this year's unique application cycle, the ASA Delegates of the New York Medical College AIG are organizing a Q&A session with several program directors in our area. The goal is to provide anesthesiology residency applicants with an opportunity to get to know a variety of programs...
  11. 1

    Anesthesia Residency Virtual Happy Hours

    For anyone interested in Anesthesia Residency, many residency programs across the USA are having Virtual Open Houses/Happy Hours so you can get to know more about the residencies and anesthesia. This is a great opportunity to interact with current residents in a low pressure setting. Link to...
  12. rubes08


    Hello, everyone! I just had my interview this past Tues (6/9/2020) and I feel as though I killed the interview! The essay prompt did throw me off a little but not too bad. I'm getting a little anxious about it lol. Just wondering, has anyone else heard back from admissions or gotten accepted? I...
  13. O

    Virtual interviews?

    As we’re coming into fellowship application/interview season, just wondering if you all have heard what your or other programs are doing in terms of interviewing - are they going virtual? in person? Combo? How do you think this will affect the match this year? More internal matches? Let’s hear...
  14. F

    CCO interview

    Hello! Has anyone interviewed virtually at CCO yet?
  15. stef491

    KGI School of Pharmacy interview class of 2024

    Hi everyone! Has anyone had their interview with KGI's School of Pharmacy? I have mine in a couple weeks and would like to know what questions to expect. Also, in the email it said the interviews would start at 9am and are expected to last until 3pm, and it doesn't seem like the campus tour is...
  16. S

    What are the chances of getting accepted with an interview in early Feb?

    Hello all, I applied late in the cycle (early January) and was invited for an interview on Feb/03. The interview went great,. It has been two weeks now, and I still have not heard anything, should I be worried? I'm counting the days while pulling my hair out :/ .... they also told me that if...
  17. asclepiusdevotee

    Johns Hopkins Interview

    I was recently confirmed for an interview at Johns Hopkins for the postbac premed program. (I've also applied to Columbia but haven't heard back yet. In any case, JH is my first choice.) I'm wondering about any information out there with respect to the interview itself. Like, questions that are...
  18. E

    Podiatry: Interview Questions

    Here are some questions that can be asked in an interview. Some of these questions I got asked when I did a few interviews. I'm also going to post some side notes of my experiences and tips with interviewing so y'all can get an idea of whats to come and what you can take away from it. Tell me...
  19. Y

    Keck Graduate Institute PPC Program

    I am going to have my interview in 5 days. I have heard that the interview process is pretty chill, and I did prepare a lot for commonly asked questions for grad school interview. I am still quite nervous since english is not my first language and this is my first time going to a interview for...
  20. S

    MD Applicant Cycle 2020 - How should I update schools on my Fall 2019 Grades?

    Currently, I am attempting to share my Fall 2019 grades with medical schools that have not extended me interviews after I completed secondaries. Unfortunately, I already sent them both a 'Letters of Interest' and 'Activities Update' (research) earlier in the year either via application portal or...
  21. X

    2020-2021 Postdoc Interview Thread

    Because I cant help myself and I have a problem with waiting I figure I would try to start the thread for this year. Make sure to look at past threads 2019-2020 and 2017-2018 for some good information. I hope this is helpful!:happy: Same rules as last year: Here you can find a running list of...
  22. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Interview at Salus

    Hello! I have an interview at Salus (11/4/19) and was wondering if anybody had any insight on their process/what kind of questions they asked! Any help would be amazing; I am super nervous! Thank you!!
  23. H

    No interviews so far in late october, getting very worried

    Hi all, current 2020 cycle applicant here and I have received nothing but silence from the 30 schools I applied to except for one rejection and one pre-II hold. I'm getting extremely worried and any advice to keep me from going insane/candid input on my chances this cycle/anything I should do...
  24. Tariq Khader

    Only 1 interview, 260 step1, 267 step2 CK, should I be worried?

    Hello All. I have graduated last year top of my class, currently doing masters in health care innovation in ASU, my step1 score is 260 and step2 CK is 267, I'm a non-US IMG applying for Family Medicine. So far, I've only got 1 interview, which is very surprising to me, I started to get worried...
  25. M

    Med-Peds 2019-2020 Interview Thread

    Hi guys! I've noticed that there is no official thread for Med-Peds Interviews 2019-2020. I will follow the same format as Med-Peds 2018-2019 Interview Thread . Copy the most recent post and add your name next to the schools where you got interview invites (or rejections). Write the date when...