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  1. asclepiusdevotee

    Johns Hopkins Interview

    I was recently confirmed for an interview at Johns Hopkins for the postbac premed program. (I've also applied to Columbia but haven't heard back yet. In any case, JH is my first choice.) I'm wondering about any information out there with respect to the interview itself. Like, questions that are...
  2. HopeC

    Post-Bac/Special Masters Programs

    Hi Guys! I'm a long time lurker on SDN and recently made an account to get some advice. I'm applying to SMP and post-bac programs to improve my academic record (I have an upward trend in the last two years). I already have tons of research experience, clinical shadow hours from scribing...
  3. M

    2020 MHA: Applied, Interviewed, Rejected, Attending

    Just because I did not see one yet :) Good luck to everyone applying this cycle! School: GPA: Cumulative and Major GRE: Major: Experience (professional or otherwise) Special Factors: Applied: Interview: Waitlist: Rejected: Accepted: Attending:
  4. mhmd1ahmd

    Johns Hopkins VS St. Jude children research hospital

    which is better for someone pursuing a pediatrics residency? 1. Two months of research at Johns Hopkins in computational genomics with a very good chance of publishing one paper. 2. One month clinical rotation in pediatrics surgical oncology at St. Jude children research hospital in Tennessee. I...
  5. H

    Post Bac: Bryn Mawr or Johns Hopkins?

    I wasn't a pre-med in undergrad but have decided to complete a pre-med post-bac and have been accepted to both Bryn Mawr and Johns Hopkins University. I'm utterly torn between the two. I know that both have great outcomes in terms of medical school acceptance but are very different in terms of...
  6. Y

    JOHNS HOPKINS HSI 2019-2020

    Hi, applied to the JHU HSI for 2019-2020 class. Anyone else? Anyone out there who is currently in the prog?
  7. L

    Any Johns Hopkins DrPH applicants?

    Hello, I am very new to this forum and am a little unsure as to how it works but I wanted to see if I could get some insight on the DrPH program at Johns Hopkins. I am incredibly interested in this school because of their concentration offered (public health informatics) and I found the perfect...
  8. L

    UCSF vs. Hopkins

    I was accepted to UCSF during the regular cycle and got off the waitlist at Hopkins--so I feel like I have a little less info for there since I wasn't at the second look. Cost is still TBD because I'm waiting on my Hopkins estimate but I expect it to come out close unless the aid is super...
  9. E

    General Debt for public health degrees?

    I'm currently deciding between doing an MPH in Biostatistics/Epidemiology at the University of Arizona vs. a MSPH at Johns Hopkins in the department of international health, with a concentration in global disease epidemiology and control (GDEC). I'm well aware that JHU is pretty much the best...
  10. P

    Undergraduate Program (MCHC/RISE-UP) - Kennedy Krieger Institute

    Hello! This is my second year applying to Maternal Child Health Careers/Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement - Undergraduate Program(MCHC/RISE-UP). I received a rejection letter last year on March 20, and I'm anxiously waiting to hear back this year! I am waiting to hear back from the...
  11. M

    Masters Programs

    Prior to applying to medical schools, I am pursuing a Masters program. I've gotten into Masters programs at Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford. I am currently at Stanford so I am really familiar with the community- but does anyone have any insight or opinions on...
  12. Dr.CinnamonRoll

    post-grad plans for pre-dents with low GPAs? Do grad schools take DAT?

    LONG STORY SHORT, my GPA probably ain't gonna cut it (3.25 cGPA, 3. 2 sGPa). I still have a year to bring it to a 3.38 cgpa and 3.29 sGPa before I graduate and apply, but I still don't know if i'll make the cut, thus, im planning on post-graduation plans on the very likely chance that I end up...
  13. bcmak

    JHU Epidemiology MHS/Ph.D application Q

    Hello all! I was hoping to get some light shed on a few questions I had about JHU's MHS and Ph.D program in Epi. I can't seem to find my answers in the handbook they have online. If I'm admitted to the MHS program, can I internally apply for the Ph.D program? If I'm admitted into the Ph.D...
  14. vstft

    Other Master's Degree MS - Patient Oriented Research - Columbia

    Hello! Anyone else planning on taking this program, or maybe someone already has and would like to share his/her experience here? I'm between two programs (MS - POR, Columbia; MHS - Clinical Investigation, JH) and I'm having a hard time deciding; I'm a little more prone to go to Columbia, but...
  15. Glexz29

    Premed Undergrad? Brown vs. UChicago vs. Duke vs. others

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a senior in high school and was recently accepted to Brown University. I was also waitlisted at several other universities, including the University of Chicago, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Wash U, Cornell, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt. After speaking to my...
  16. HI OT

    General Admissions & OTCAS Where to complete my pre-reqs?

    Hey OT peeps, So really want to be able to apply to school this coming fall however I still need to take Anatomy and Physiology + lab before the application period. However, my state colleges don't offer them during the summer. Does anyone know of any good online schools to complete these...
  17. C

    Johns Hopkins Post-Baccalaureate Recent Opinions?

    Hi all I've done a lot of research on these forums and have heard lots of differing opinions, but none very recent. It seems the program directors / advisers are crucially important for a program, so I was hoping to get some feedback on the program from someone who had been through it recently...
  18. F

    is organic chem II required for med school?

    I was looking at Johns Hopkin's requirements and they had 1 semester w/ lab of orgo and a 3-4 credit biochem class as the only listed requirements related to chem (+ year of gen chem w/ labs) so is this like the general pre req rule or is johns hopkins an exception in this matter?
  19. M

    Johns Hopkins Summer Internship 2017

    Does anyone know if the JHSIP notifies applicants on a case-by-case basis or if they alert everyone March 1st? Has anyone else applied or attended? I applied to BSI Microbiology, Pulm and Crit Care, and the stem cell research.
  20. M

    John Hopkins Summer Internship Program 2017

    Does anyone know if the JHSIP notifies applicants on a case-by-case basis or if they alert everyone March 1st? Has anyone else applied or attended? I applied to BSI Microbiology, Pulm and Crit Care, and the stem cell research.
  21. B

    Henry Brem Neuro/Cardiac Surgery

    I dont want to start another argument like in the last thread. I am not using him as an example of what I say is feasible I am just curious. Why does the profile for Dr Henry Brem, Director of Neurosurgery @ Hopkins say one of his expertise is Cardiac Surgery...
  22. I

    Pre-med post bacc admission Chances?

    Hi! I'm wondering on my chances of getting into a good post-bacc premed program. Specifically what role GPA plays in admission. I only took a few pre-med classes in college so I'd do one of the programs where you take the pre-med courses. Anyway, my GPA isn't the highest it's a bit above a...
  23. NorthBySouth

    Post-bac attrition rates over the past few years?

    Hello, Has anyone heard what the attrition rate is at the Johns Hopkins University post-bac program for career changers the past couple of years? Also, does anyone know how the attrition rate at JHU compares to other top programs like Bryn Mawr, Scripps, and Goucher?
  24. mpEHch

    MPH Johns Hopkins MPH 2017

    Since acceptances have started to roll in for 2017 I figured it would be nice to have a place for applicants and admitted students to discuss any questions we may have.
  25. C

    USC Post Bacc Pre Med Program Questions

    I am currently an RN with Indian Health Services. I am currently debating on a Post bacc program for Pre Med. I graduated from Arizona State University with a 3.5 GPA and will have had 2 years of nursing experience when applying. Questions for anyone who has been through the program or has the...
  26. B

    Goucher Post-Bac admission

    I recently graduated from Johns Hopkins with a 3.5 gpa (psychology and anthropology). I would have had a 3.67 if it weren't for one semester during my freshmen year when I lost a family member and left the country for the funeral during my finals period. I have a 1900 SAT score, a 4.2 high...
  27. G

    I need help- what are my chances?

    Hi, I just want to know straight up what my chances are for getting into a medical school. I am starting to lose confidence in myself, but need to know whether it is worth to pursue anymore. I will give you all the information I can: University- Johns Hopkins Major: Neuroscience Cum. GPA...
  28. osujic1

    Does anyone go to John Hopkins?

    Im doing research at Bayview Medical Center this summer and am trying to figure out housing. Im kind of on a time crunch (it was a busy semester). Im from New Jersey and don't know the Baltimore the area but Im trying to get housing at JHU as visiting student. The only thing is I don't know...
  29. S

    Hopkins vs. Stanford vs. Full-Ride WashU

    Hi everyone! Very grateful to be choosing between Hopkins, Stanford, and a full-ride at WashU! I'm wondering if anyone (especially current med students who faced similar choices) has any insight to share. I'm interested in a competitive specialty (thinking ortho or some other surgical...
  30. P

    Applying to US MHA from Canada

    Hey everyone. This is my first post so I apologize if this might be in the wrong forum. I'm a Canadian student who's planning to apply to MHA programs in the US. My top 3 schools would be Columbia, John Hopkins, and University of Washington. I was curious to know how easy/tough it is to get in...
  31. F

    MPH Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public MHS 2016

    This goes out to anyone who has enrolled before: What do I get for my $600 deposit? A sweater, t-shirt, hat? I'm just curious because I like free stuff (if you ignore the $600...).
  32. M

    Other Master's Degree Healthcare MBA/MPH BU vs Johns Hopkins

    Was recently accepted into both and need to make a decision soon.. BU's MBA program is much more highly rated, but Johns Hopkins is so well known for health care and has the best MPH program in the country. What do you think is more strategic??
  33. L

    Epidemiology MPH/MSPH from JHU vs U Mich vs Emory?

    Hi all! I'm having trouble deciding between the global epidemiology MPH programs at U Michigan (MPH global health epi), Emory (MSPH GLEPI), and JHU (MSPH GDEC) - I have some questions for current and former students from any of these programs/schools (or anyone else who can answer), any insight...
  34. sohel.dmc63

    MPH Johns Hopkins vs UT Houston MPH

    I know these two schools are not comparable in terms of ranking & reputation. But considering the other factors (mainly tution fee), I am now in great dilemma to which one should I go. Hopkins is my dream school. But to fulfill my dream, I have to go through about 80K debt in 11 month including...
  35. sohel.dmc63


    I am planning to go for the Johns Hopkins MPH. It will cost me about 80,000 (62,000 tution fee + 18,000). I don't have much idea about FAFSA, since it is my first time dealing with it. My plan is to pay all of the expense with FAFSA loan. Is it possible to get this high amount of loan from FAFSA...
  36. W

    Johns Hopkins MS in biotechnology before MD/PhD

    I have been looking around for MS programs recently and the MS in biotechnology at Johns Hopkins seems really appealing. It is appealing to me because I won't have to take the GRE in addition to the MCAT and it offers an online option. My ultimate education goal is to attend/complete a MD/PhD...
  37. B

    Chances at a good Post-Bac?

    Hey Everyone, I'm planning to apply to a structured post-baccalaureate program for the 2017-2018 cycle. My big hope is for Johns Hopkins, Goucher, Scripps, or Bryn Mawr. I would love any feedback that anyone could provide to improve my chances as a candidate. Also, just because I think someone...