Join my frat. It rules!!!!!!


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Aug 28, 2001
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Hey all of you soon to be Trojans!!! Please give serious consideration to Lambda Kappa Sigma, the frat dedicated to women's issues, health, and leadership. It started off kinda tired this year, but it's really picked up steam in the second semester. Very cool women's workshop led by two prominent pharmacists associated w/the school Dr. Kathi Johnson and Dr. janet Aiso. Both are lauded for their rapid rise thru the ranks of pharmacy. kathi johnson being the first woman in the clinical pharmacy department. janet aiso as former pharmacy director for Los Angeles County, both very personable.

Our frat has the most rho chi members including next year's rho chi president and is pretty well represented in leadership. the level III vp is lks as well.

I'll be on the board next year as well as level II vp, and I'm devoting my time to generating more inter-organization activities. I think there are those seeking to quell inclusion, and I, quite seriously, i am functioning to oppose them.

and on my honor we don't haze

I was the only dude this year, but hopefully some of y'all will help me change that.
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