Aug 6, 2016

I was asked to appear to the Judicial Affairs office at my University. Although innocent, they slapped me with "cheating" and "lewd conduct" -- amongst other titles I am unaware of (and are exaggerated).

The major mistake I think I made was signing the Resolution to continue enrollment at the University. They gave me Disciplinary probation for one term.

However, the University is rotten to begin with so I am discontinuing enrollment anyway and applying elsewhere.

1) Will they (the applied-to University) find out about this in a "background check?"
2) Are they (the applied-to University) allowed to background check? (above)
3) Well, can't you just appeal the record and have it removed by a lawyer?

Any other helpful answers is appreciated. as I am opting for (3), since:

IMPORTANT Preferably, If I could get away with it, I would just do the time (disciplinary probation) and withhold the transcript upon application into a more desired University.

Also, could I get away with dropping all classes and retaining the excess in disbursement from Financial Aid? Of course, having attended each Probation meeting with the counselor until the point at which I receive the money?
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