1. H

    Deans Certification needed for 11 year old academic probation. Question about additional statement.

    I was put on academic probation in 2010, I discussed this in my AMCAS application and I honestly don't think I could do a better job of explaining the situation again. MCW wants a dean's certification to confirm this academic action and they also want an attached statement from me explaining the...
  2. Alessandra20

    Address academic probation?

    Hello everyone :) I am in the works of applying for the upcoming pharmacy cycle and there is a question regarding if I have received any academic violations of which I was on academic probation as well as received 1 F and 1 XE (failure to show up to final(i contracted cellulitis and was unable...
  3. J

    Academic Probation

    Hello All, I am trending towards being on academic probation after my first semester all because of a bad anatomy grade. I’ll have high Bs and an A in my other 4 classes. My school puts that we were on academic probation on our official transcript. How will that affect me once I graduate in...
  4. S

    Is it better to get dismissed or resign from residency?

    I am currently an intern in a DO FM residency. I am returning back to the medical field after taking a 3 year break. I was super excited when I first started , but once I started IM rotation in mid August, everything started falling apart. I realized I forgotten a lot of medicine and was...
  5. G


  6. H

    Question about applying for licensure if I was placed on probation while i was in residency

    Hi, I am a US MD graduate but was placed on probation and "did not full my probation requirements" and was recommended for dismissal because they felt i could not supervise an intern. My question is which states or US Territory would be my best chances of getting my medical licensure? Also my...
  7. H

    Inquire about getting Medical License Licensure with 12 months of combined residency credit

    I am a US Medical Graduate and my situation is bad and I know I have an uphill battle. My question is to see if anyone here has gotten a medical license from a US state and/or territory by combining two different residency credits to be at or above 12 months of credit. I know it has been done...
  8. led_smith

    Chances as Re-Applicant

    So for the 2017 cycle, I was interviewed at 2 schools (Wake Forest, and SUNY Upstate) and rejected everywhere except a WL at Wake Forest - still no reply. Basically, I talked to an adcom at SUNY Upstate who told me that I was rejected largely due to the fact that I neglected to disclose a...
  9. Y

    Majors/Careers similar to Pharmacy?

    I had my sights on becoming a pharmacist. I'm in my 3rd year of a 6 year pharmacy program. Unfortunately last semester I failed a class that was a prerequisite for 3 other classes so I have to take them this summer. I've never failed a class before but the thing is I knew this would happen...
  10. P

    Disciplinary Probation for Alcohol

    I am currently halfway through my junior year as an undergrad. At the end of the fall semester, I spent a night drinking (underage) and essentially that night ended in me being hospitalized. The residence hall authorities felt it was necessary although I did not have my stomach pumped or...
  11. D

    Accreditation warning

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about ranking a program that currently has "continued accreditation with warning" high on my list. Can anyone comment on what the significance of this is? Basically I just want to make sure there's very little chance of the program shutting down. Thanks for any insight!
  12. G

    Surgery Programs on Probation

    Can anyone shed some light on how to figure out why a program is on probation? The below links list which programs ARE on probation, but I can't figure out why: Surgery programs on probation: https://apps.acgme.org/ads/Public/R...Year=2016&OrganizationTypeId=1&SpecialtyId=99 Institutions on...
  13. G

    Programs on Probation

    Can anyone shed some light on how to figure out why a program is on probation? The below links list which programs ARE on probation, but I can't figure out why: Surgery programs on probation...
  14. Q

    Judicial Affairs

    Hi, I was asked to appear to the Judicial Affairs office at my University. Although innocent, they slapped me with "cheating" and "lewd conduct" -- amongst other titles I am unaware of (and are exaggerated). The major mistake I think I made was signing the Resolution to continue enrollment at...
  15. N

    PhD/PsyD Advice Requested ASAP regarding Provost's decision to dismiss

    Hello, I am submitting this for my pre-doctoral intern coworker and not for myself. We are both pre-doctoral CAPIC interns in the LA area. She has a 3.89 GPA, was never in academic or ethical trouble. She took a 1 year LOA after the economy busted to help save her parents house. Legitimately...
  16. S

    Probation during residency and Job/Fellowship prospects

    Hi I am currently a 3rd yr IM resident and I will hopefully complete residency coming June. I was put on probation during early second year for 4 months due to consistent poor evaluation, there was no single incident that let to the probationary status but multiple vague evaluations stating that...
  17. B

    Advice on social probation for pt school

    Hi guys, I've been worrying myself sick knowing that applications are beginning to open in a few months, and I would just like your advice or words to help me out. I am currently getting ready to graduate from University of Indianapolis (Summa Cum Laude) anticipated overall gpa being a 3.86...
  18. U

    Fighting suicidal thoughts s/p forced to resign 2nd specialty

    I want to keep this vague enough to conceal my identity. I'd like to give more info but my history is unique and would give me away. Don't wanna get committed. I had started my residency in a new field after a gap in my training. I knew it would be tough to catch up with general clinical stuff...