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Jun 10, 2002
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Hi folks-
I had some time (imagine that) and I read through/skimmed this thread from the beginning and it's so amazing to see your lives (particularly kat/ted) from start to finish.

So here's my plan: I currently live in Nebraska and I want to go to the state school here and get my BSN in nursing, and while I am working at the hospital I will slowly finish my prereq's for med school. After three-four years I want to hopefully have finished my prereqs, apply to med school, and go on my way to be a physician. I of couse would desire to be married and have a family during these years.

What do you guys think?

Ted-what is it like, being a christian and being in med school and being a doctor, especially with all these controversial topics that are coming up (ie stem cell research, euthanasia, abortion, etc). Just thought it would be interesting to get a insider's look about these issues.

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