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Jul 12, 2008
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So I had a terrible first year in college, pulling 6 F's. I joined the Navy to get some direction and ended up on the Dean's list at the local community college. Now I'm out of the Navy and attending school full-time. Much of the credit toward my degree is from my military training (nuclear power school), but I've been going to school to fill in the blanks and finish my pre-req's for med school. So if I get all 4.0's on the rest of my pre-req's, my GPA's are as follows:

Cumulative: 3.15
BCPM: 3.32

There are only two schools I'd really like to apply to: Texas A&M and UTHSCSA. Do I stand a chance? Or should I hang it up for now and finish a traditional bachelor's (all classes taken, no awarded credit)


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Apr 4, 2007
Mean acceptance stats for:

Texas A&M GPA 3.8, MCAT 30

I'd say you need to keep taking undergrad classes for awhile longer, and really get a great MCAT score to have a chance.


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Apr 4, 2007
I agree that you will likely not be held to the same standard as a traditional college student. Besides the 35+ MCAT, adcomms will want to see, at a minimum, two years of sustained excellent recent grades. Some schools will look down on community college credit, and others won't. I think that being active military at the time makes it less of an issue, but why not call the admissions offices of your two favored schools, ask for a phone appointment with a dean, discuss your situation, and get some substantive opinions so you you'll know exactly the route you need to take.

(Then come back here and share the info, so others in the same "boat" will benefit, too.)
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