Aug 24, 2015
Hello all,

I am a Senior Bio major looking for some advice on applying to pt school.

GPA- 3.71
pre req GPA- 3.70
GRE- 152 in both sections 4.0 in writing
observation- around 200 in various settings
Extracurricular- ice hockey, tutoring biology/exercise physiology, Biomechanics research, TriBeta, Phi Sigma Tau, ice skating instructor, And about 400 hr of volunteer work.

I'm looking to apply to any school on the east coast and am only waiting on two more reccommendations that will be coming in around sept. How does this look so far?
Aug 24, 2015
I'm also a lab assistant at my school for neuroscience, physics, and exercise physiology if this makes a difference...
Jul 11, 2015
Physical Therapy Student
Your stats are similar to mine in every way and these are the schools I have applied to on the east coast. Remember to look at all the requirements and little details in each school.

Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida International University, Nazareth College of Rochester, New York Institute of Technology, Nova Southeastern University, Chatham University, Clarkson University, Sacred Heart University, University of Miami, University of Scranton, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Dominican College of Blauvelt, Shenandoah University, Elon University