Jun 9, 2009
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I will be taking the DAT in 2 days.
But I can say that I found the Kaplan prep course to be useless and waste of money and time, I had two 3 hr classes a week. I could have utilized that time much better by myself.
May 10, 2010
Honestly, the only thing I think it would be good for would be making sure you are studying. If you can motivate yourself fine, I'd recommend against it and save a lot of money. You can buy all the study materials you need for far cheaper.


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Dec 1, 2010
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Hi guys I was just wondering is it worth taking a Kaplan prep course. It's really expensive and the one i can take is given once a week for 2.5 months during the spring semester.

I already have bought the KBB, destroyer, ap bio, and CDP. Is that enough if i do study on my own?

And I will be applying this coming june, but i haven't taken the dat yet. When is the best time to take it? I feel if i study during my spring semester i might not be able to focus on my regular classes. Should i study winter break and take it in end of feb? so i can have a chance to retake if i do bad?

Though I took Kaplan and am now a Kaplan teacher and tutor, I totally recommend Kaplan! I thought there classes were a great way to stay engaged in the material and provide a constant check that I was on the right track. Needless to stay I was stoked when I got my score back.

The best time to take your DAT is when you are ready! The DAT is a difficult but doable exam made possible but utilizing your resources. One should try and aim to take the exam only once. You want to be ready to take the exam and get the score you are looking for the first time around!

From just my personal experience alone I think Kaplan did a great job preparing me in my studies!


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Jan 23, 2009
Kaplan in person course?

It can be hit or miss. If you get someone who is bad or has no clue then you'll be screwed.

I got lucky my original teacher is an SDN member who is @ UOP now. Gave us plenty of tips and can answer questions. His teacher however was someone who did the LSATs and read out of the manual.

Original guy left early for research position his replacement while smart and knew ochem very well, he did the MCATs and wasn't sure on how DAT stuff went. Also he was rather annoying. Often tried to be your friend and asked us questions. He often gets side track and spends ridiculous amounts of time on straight forward items while zooming by larger subjects.

Kaplan's gold mine is their online repository of questions in math, chem, ochem and partially bio. Math, chem, and ochem are harder than the actual thing and more time consuming. they expect full calculations, while the actual is provide us the setup type deal, excluding math where you'll have to give an answer on real and kaplan. If you can do their chem,ochem and math then I would say you have very good understanding of the topics.

I say partially bio because its gives you plenty of questions to review but a lot of them are rather superficial and unlike the real thing isn't as random. I didn't have a lot of time to really take not of a pattern.

their PAT is junk. Its way too easy and some of the images looked like as if it was printed, then scanned into a computer further degrading the quality. The worst is on TFE where you don't know if it was a solid line or a dash line.

Oh they nailed the interface on the full practice test to be like the real thing.
Dec 14, 2010
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I took the Kaplan Course. If I would have found this site and researched this life changing test a little better...I would not have.