Kaplan Verbal Score Range is 0-65??

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Jan 12, 2003
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I took TPR but decided to try and take the practice test I had from a Kaplan book I bought at the bookstore about a year ago. It is the "MCAT Workbook, Targeted Preparation for the new MCAT Third Edition". I took the VR section and got 41 out of 60 correct.

As everyone knows, there are 60 questions on the VR exam. The answer key in the Kaplan book for this test has the range of 0-65.

58-61 correct = 13
62-64 correct = 14
65 correct = 15

How can this be if there are only 60 Questions??

They scored my 41 as a 7 (40-42 correct = 7)

This doesn't sound right. I thought a 41 would be at least an 8 or a 9..I know it varies from test to test, etc. But the 7 seems low. Does anyone have an explanation for why they have it scaled 0-65 instead of 0-60?


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Well, the old MCAT verbal section used to have 65 questions, but now they've cut it down to 60, so that might explain the scale since you bought the book a year ago...it's just old.