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Sep 10, 2023
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I took the blueprint half length diagnostic at the end of December and got a 497 before beginning content review. I just finished content review and scored a 503 (127/125/126/125) on the free blueprint full length. I am working full time (40+) hours a week and was hoping to take the test at the end of May. My goal score was around a 516. Is this even possible? Should I push my date back? I also just started doing uworld and my plan is to work through that and then start the AAMC section / question banks.
Also - what is the most efficient strategy for reviewing full lengths to see improvement?

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It’s possible to get that score by the end of may. Right now it seems like it’s a content issue, so first thing is I would review the books of study resources you used. It seems the general consensus is anything below 508 can be fixed with content and anything above leans towards test taking skills and how you do that day.

So, I would review some more and use anki to keep the info in. Uworld has great explanations for incorrect questions so definitely be thorough with that. Reviewing old test is more of a test taking skill. Not so much of a “why did I not know this info” but a “how did I not understand this in the scope of the context. You should also learn over time what things to focus on in each passage. May is far out and a score increase is very possible, so I wouldn’t worry too too much
Anecdotal but I’m pretty sure blueprint is deflated, the highest I ever got was like 506 and once i switch to AAMC i immediately score a 514 on the first FL i took
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Yeah that didn't work but a mouth full of shuffleboard did!!!

And now...article 42 of the AAMC
This is what I did. It's been posted before but I'll type it out again.

Examkrackers, annotate with Kaplan full-length. Study hard in ugrad. Say oh way oh. Incorporate old notes into Examkrackers. Bring appropriate electronic/music-playing devices to exam test centers. Anyhoo. RIDE that curve. Go to OFFICE HOURS. Your professors know what they're talking about. It's not about kissing up but getting to know them, so that you can predict the answers better. The eff is that cheating??? Take good notes. They only have to make sense to you.

A fact is something that someone else tells you is true.
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