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Nov 24, 2001
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I am trying to decide between KCOM and UNECOM and I have a few questions about KCOM's curriculum. Do they have a pass/fail or grade system? Do the students find that KCOM has strong clinical affiliations? Thanks for your help.

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"Do they have a pass/fail or grade system?" You receive a percentage grade, for example a 78 or 92. Most classes (I cannot think of a class that does not) require a 70 to pass. No curve, a 70 is a 70. "Do the students find that KCOM has strong clinical affiliations?" My personal opinion is that they do. KCOM supports the CORE in Ohio and the COGMET in Michigan; thus, they get to place a portion of their students there. KCOM also has clinical sites in NY, PA, NJ, AZ, UT, and CO. All of these places mentioned are places you move to for your third and fourth years.
Good Luck in your decision.

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Don't forget that we now have grades in our 3rd and 4th years -- a number grade based on preceptor evaluation and a post-rotation exam.