keeping track of volunteering

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Mar 10, 2004
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what or how is the best way to keep track of all your shadowing and volunteering done?

I personally have only spent some time shadowing a friend of mine who is R1. I have the areas in which I shadowed him and the number of hours spent there as well as the date.

4/15/04 - 4/17/04
ICU - 8 hrs.
Clinic - 10 hrs.
ER - 5 hrs.

I don't know, when asked what shadowing have you done do you give a breakdown? Also do you have to show proof?

The numbers above are my actual time spent. I plan to go for an entire week this coming month. And ofcourse more when i get a chance. It gets hard when you have to work 40+ hrs. going to school 12 hrs and then try to do volunteering on the side and still try to maintaine a decent social life! :(