Khan Academy B/Biochem Passage Question help

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Feb 16, 2016
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Anybody do the Khan Academy passage called

I had a question regarding the answer to this question

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What's your question? Alcohol metabolites clearly upregulate proline incorporation into collagen and so inhibiting alcohol dehydrogenase would block that effect.
Which reaction are they talking about?


Because alcohol dehydrogenase could work both ways. They did not specify. Also, it shows that ethanol and acetaldehyde both lead to increase collagen production. So if the enzyme is inhibited by 4MP, it means either no acetaldehyde is made or no ethanol is made since again, both reactions could take place? It is not clear to me.
The enzyme can catalyze the reaction in both directions depending on the situation. 4MP inhibits the enzyme (in either direction). In the answer choices, the focus is on 4MP + E50 which would be ethanol -> acetaldehyde.
:mad:How could I have misread that? I obviously knew the answer but I have reading comprehension issues. Thanks! I understand now that you write it out!