Its been some time here !
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Nov 4, 2005
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Its just for those people who were accepted and havent confirmed with the school, i hope they don have any confusion about the last date to confirm there admission by sending 1000 dollars cheque. Its today by 5:00 pm so if u r not sure call Mary and ask.

p.s : Its for all those students who think they can write anything about any school here. All the schools typically know of SDN ( such a useful resource ) and when u post anything about any school people read it very carefully and it is very easy to find out who u are by simply looking at ur acceptance and ur NBDE scores, Toefl scores etc which the school alrdy has. Also most of the time ur user name is close enuf to ur email id or real name which the school has, so guys think before u write anything it shows on ur character.
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