LECOM-B vs PCOM-GA vs DMU (waitlist)

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May 28, 2017
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I'm accepted to LECOM-B & PCOM-GA and WL at DMU. All are OOS for me. Currently my goal is to be a primary care pediatrician but I might want to specialize further down the road.

Important things-
  • Fiance is actively pursuing a job in Sarasota, FL but he still would have to go through an interview process, etc and that could take over a month. I don't have over a month to decide. This would be an obvious and huge PRO if he gets the job. We will look into other schools in GA and IA but FL has been our collective goal. If he gets in, FL hands down. If he doesn't, I feel much more open to going to the other places though I still really do love LECOM-B. And that's where I need SDN's advice on!
  • None of the "cons" I've written are huge cons for me (except for maybe LECOM-B's unsure rotations). I'm very open to living wherever I need to live and adjusting to any environment as long as it means I get a good education and I'm happy with where I am.

  • PBL (I'm a huge fan!)
  • High test scores & Match Rate
  • Clean campus
  • Beautiful area w/ lots of recreation + Disney World
  • Weather that resembles my home state
  • Cheapest option
  • More bare bones medical school (ex. No sim lab, not the best resources for study skills, mental health, financial literacy, etc)
  • Unsure rotations
  • People give it a lot of flack on the interwebs and I'd be lying if that didn't bother me a little but I am not opposed to any of the things people give it flack for (for ex. I'm totally fine with the dress code and rules on water/food)

  • More resources and facilities (very nice sim lab & anatomy lab)
  • Established school and curriculum
  • Also a beautiful area I could see myself living in with people of my ethnic background
  • Classes not mandatory
  • Most expensive option
  • Lowest test scores of the 3 options
  • No dedicated study time

  • More resources and facilities that are even better than PCOM-GA (huge gym, lots of counseling services, financial literacy services, etc)
  • Established school and curriculum
  • Classes not mandatory
  • All of the people were so friendly!
  • Weather
  • Relaxed metro environment is too relaxed
  • Doesn't have the same recreation I'm used to
  • More expensive option than LECOM-B
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