1. J

    Need Help ASAP: DMU vs. RVUCOM-CO

    Hi Everyone :) I was fortunate enough to be accepted into DMU and RVUCOM-CO, and I'm having trouble weighing my options. I will be going the military route to pay for school, so the price isn't as big a deal as setting myself up to specialize competitively. Any thoughts and insights would be...
  2. C

    Campbell vs. DMU?

    Leaning towards Campbell just because I think I would prefer living in NC over Iowa (and I don’t like the idea of 4 month harsh winters) but I just want to know if I will get any advantage going to a school like DMU (one of the OG DO schools)? Will it be better for me in terms of placement to...
  3. glutenfreee

    DMU versus NOVA

    Hey guys I got into DMU and NOVA and I’m really not sure which to send my deposit to. I know the cost of living will be much cheaper in Des Moines so I’m leaning towards it but is there any insight about DMU besides it’s prestige as a founding DO school (ie clinical rotations etc)? I haven’t...
  4. Dawn1218

    Help deciding between MWU- CCOM and DMU

    Hi all, CCOM vs DMU! I’m really struggling with this decision. I’m from central Wisconsin, and my fiancé is going to stay here while I attend med school, so CCOM is closer but much more expensive. Also, I am hoping to go into neuro, maybe some other specialty, but I am not really interested in...
  5. WannabeGP

    DMU vs Touro-CA

    Hello everyone! I got accepted to both Des Moines University and Touro University-CA. I was hoping for some input into which to choose. I've seen a few threads about these schools on here but my situation is a bit different and I can't decide considering my pros and cons for both schools. If I'm...
  6. BryceD817

    VCU SAEP or DMU Health P.A.S.S.?

    What’s up y’all, As a Pre-Physical Therapy student, it is very hard to find good summer programs/internships. The only two I could find were VCU Summer Academic Enrichment Program and DMU Health Professions Advanced Summer Scholars Program. Anybody have an advice as to which one is better? Has...
  7. Taverly

    Midwestern University vs. Des Moines University

    I'm having great difficulty deciding between these two osteopathic colleges. I've seen lots of threads on this specific topic, but none of them have helped me decide. I enjoyed the interview I had at both, and I really like the area that both schools are located. For me, the most important...
  8. C

    how to decide when similar cost?

  9. D

    Des Moines University vs. Chicago COM at Midwestern University

  10. D

    DMU vs VCOM vs CCOM/MWU vs TouroCOM/NY

  11. I'm_a_dogtor


    Hello potential readers for this thread! I have been submitting secondaries (typically within a week of receiving) and was wondering when interviews usually begin to be scheduled for the following schools: DMU, ATSU (KCOM AND SOMA), AZCOM, CCOM, HCOM, NOVA, PNWU-COM, PCOM, RVU-COM, UNE-COM. I...
  12. S

    LECOM-B vs PCOM-GA vs DMU (waitlist)

    I'm accepted to LECOM-B & PCOM-GA and WL at DMU. All are OOS for me. Currently my goal is to be a primary care pediatrician but I might want to specialize further down the road. Important things- Fiance is actively pursuing a job in Sarasota, FL but he still would have to go through an...
  13. DoctorLane

    Please Rate : Western vs Midwestern vs Kent vs Barry vs DMU

    Rank based on experiences with these programs (i.e., interview, etc.) Program Professionalism: (1-10) Location: (1-10) Cost of living: (1-10) Quality of life: (1-10) Student body/staff: (1-10) GO!
  14. N

    DMU vs CCOM

    Hey All, I know this has been addressed to some degree or another in the past, but I have what I feel is a somewhat unique situation with regards to this decision since I am an Air Force HPSP student (i.e. tuition is irrelevant). I have acceptances to both CCOM and DMU, and am having an...
  15. Deep_Thought

    AZCOM vs DMU

    Hello SDN Community! I've been lurking around the forums for quite some time now and it has really helped me with my journey towards becoming a doctor. So thank you all! I had the fortune of being accepted to four medical schools (AZCOM, DMU, TUN, and LECOM Bradenton) and I have narrowed it down...
  16. Chibucks15

    Current & Former DMU Students - What do I need to start?

    I know that DMU gives you a computer but I want to make sure that I don't go buying anything else duplicate they normally give the matriculating class (i.e. stethoscope, etc). Any advice on what to get to help me transition easiest?/just advice for the school in general? Thanks!
  17. S


    Hey, I am a first year at DMU, Ask me anything I have a physiology exam tomorrow but I will try to answer afterwards. Hopefully this helps people decide on whether or not to attend/apply to DMU
  18. B

    DMU vs. VCOM (VA)

    I been accepted into both schools. Both appear to have good facilities. (Anatomy lab). Both have good research opportunities. I know DMU is more established than VCOM, but is VCOM considered established yet (opened 2002)?
  19. C

    DMU vs PCOM-GA

    Tough decision but a good one to have honestly. Recently got into both. Both seemed like great schools from what I gathered from the interviews and tours. I am mainly concerned with which school will provide me with the most resources to get a quality education (high STEP and COMLEX 1) and the...
  20. You're My Boy Blue

    Benefits of CCOM or DMU

    What are some of the benefits of CCOM vs. DMU. My current thoughts are below. I am wondering if current students or people who have chosen one school over the other could give me their reasoning. CCOM: Awesome rotation sites, established school, match list, close to home DMU: Enjoyed the...
  21. S

    Questions about DMU

    I had a couple questions that I was hoping current/former DMU students could answer for me. 1. How often do you have anatomy lab first year? (multiple times a week, once a week, irregularly spaced) Same question for OMM lab. [I am trying to figure out how much flexible my afternoon/evening time...