LECOM - Erie DSP vs RVU - SU vs Touro CA

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Which DO school?

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Dec 12, 2023
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Hello, I’m having a hard time deciding here. Can anyone offer any insight?

Regarding RVU, I’m from Utah and already have access to housing near the St George area. I would be close to family and I would prefer the warmer climate of Southern Utah. But, I believe that the other schools are better at matching students.

LECOM would be cheaper (even with having to rent an apartment), but I’ve heard several students share negative experiences with the school. I’ve heard that they’d didn’t feel supported there and that they didn’t feel the school prepared them for boards. As I would be attending the DSP pathway the issues that most have with mandatory attendance would not affect me for most of my time there.

Touro CA, I believe, is the most respected school of the bunch. The location would likely be the best for me; the climate is moderate and Vallejo is close to San Francisco which is one of my favorite cities. The cost of living would be the greatest here and I’ve heard that the city has more issues with crime than the others?

Thanks for any input.

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