Hi everyone
I am deciding between these two masters programs bc one declared online (LECOM) and the other is still on-site for now (Tourocom)

I was wondering what everyone thought about these programs - I have friends who failed out of LECOM/ didn't make the GPA although it's 3.3 and friends who have passed through Touro although it is 3.45, I don't want any surprises when I start! please let me know if u know anything about these programs

stats 3.01sgpa 3.25cgpa 497 mcat

touro - 3.45 guaranteed admission
lecom- 3.3 guaranteed interview but basically means acceptance

I have also applied to KCU Masters, PCOM, Midwestern MABS, LMUDCOM, and Barry! Im also considering ARCOM Masters and Touro California Masters :)
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Hi can you please message me? I would like to know more about the LECOM program if you're willing!
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