Letters of rec after grad school for MD

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Hello all. I am going to be applying this round for an MD, and I am currently working on a master's degree as well. I am starting to ask for letters of rec and I am unsure how many should come from my undergrad vs my graduate program. I went right to the masters after graduating undergrad, so im not too far removed from my undergraduate school that I couldnt get any letters from them. I have one letter from my graduate program already from my PI, but the rest of the letters I am still unsure who to ask. Would one from undergrad and 2 from my graduate degree be what they're looking for? Thanks!

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Is your masters a hard science?
Each medical school has their own specific requirements but the rule of thumb is
2 science faculty that have been course instructors
1 non-science faculty that been course instructors

A PI may or may not satisfy this

Yes I am in a hard science masters. All of my professors for this degree have all been science professors, my PI included
Having gone through the same thing, I can say that some schools actually have specific instructions for that case (ie requiring a specific mix of letters, or a letter from your major professor/thesis advisor). That being said, I'm currently at one of those schools and my letters didn't exactly fit what they had asked for; it never came up at any point. I'd say it's worth looking at the specific guidelines for schools, but you'll generally be good following Gonnif's breakdown.