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  1. T

    Rec Letter Mistake

    So I've been reapplying and I submitted my three letters to all of my schools. The problem is, for the letter from my undergrad councilor, I forgot to connect it to the school when making the form on AMCAS, and I didn't realize this until I looked at the rec letter status on one of my...
  2. R

    No replies back about Rec Letter - what to do?

    Hi, everyone. Not sure what to do and was hoping someone had experienced something similar to this. I joined a lab from the beginning of my freshman year in college and stayed with them till about the middle of the sophomore year (I'm heading in my junior year this fall). Throughout my time...
  3. W


  4. S

    Rec letter from someone with sexual harassment history?

    I was planning to ask a professor for a rec letter for next MD app cycle, but I recently found out he has 8 sexual harassment lawsuits against him from the 90s. He is a tenured professor who has held high ranking NSF/NIH/HHMI positions. Our relationship has been nothing out of the ordinary for a...
  5. F

    LOR for Applying IM

    Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to apply for IM this year and am confused about letters of recommendation. I have 1 from an outpatient endocrine attending, 2 from my core IM rotation attendings, and 1 from my advisor/FM attending who worked with me inpatient (so all 3rd year letters). I have...
  6. ChipSkylarkxxxshinyteeth

    Professors are letting me draft my own Letters of Rec before they add their own sauce!!!

    I’d like to say that I’m in a pretty lucky however stressful situation where two of my professors I reached out to for LOR’s from are actually suggesting that I write key points and anything I'd like in the letters about myself. Has anyone else been in this same situation? If yes I need your...
  7. D

    Letters of rec after grad school for MD

    Hello all. I am going to be applying this round for an MD, and I am currently working on a master's degree as well. I am starting to ask for letters of rec and I am unsure how many should come from my undergrad vs my graduate program. I went right to the masters after graduating undergrad, so im...
  8. A

    Rec Letter help

    Hi everyone, I have a dilemma regarding my recommendation letters. I have successfully acquired a rec letter from an MD Physician (sent to my university). However, one of my science professors was not able to write his rec letter in the correct format (no signature included, etc.). I have...
  9. D

    Tips on getting to know professors at a large Uni...

    I go to a large state school. Most of my (even upper level) classes are taught in spacious lecture halls, and chances to talk to profs are few and far between. I do very well in all my classes so when I do go to office hours it’d be solely for the purpose of getting chummy with the professor...
  10. Kobethegoat24

    Recommendation letter help?

    So as the title says, I asked my professor for a recommendation letter but she says she wants to read my personal statement. The thing is I haven't written my personal statement yet because I dont plan on applying to dental school until June. I haven't shadowed a dentist yet and I only came up...
  11. O

    2nd time reapplying...apply now or wait??

    Hi everyone, So two summers ago I applied for Optometry school and did not get the results I wanted. I'm pretty sure it was due to my OAT scores since I scored low on them. Since then I started an MPH program and I have decided to reapply to Optometry school. I'm getting tutoring now and I plan...
  12. Dr.CinnamonRoll

    a LOR from a second cousin Dentist?

    So i'm finishing up my letters of rec, and I'm beginning re-evaluate whether or not I want to use second cousin's rec letter. I have over 70 shadowing hours with him, and he knows me best in terms of my personal growth and ambitions, so I thought "he has a different last name and lives in a...
  13. nembry

    can I compile my LORs now, and apply next year?

    I will be applying next year but want to get all of my LORs compiled now, so that I don't have to wait for all them to be sent in when it's time and deadlines are near. Can i get them all now? Or do the writers have to submit them personally themselves to TMDSAS when it's time for me to apply...
  14. R

    Early Letters of Recommendation

    Hey everybody. This is my first post. When it comes to asking for letters of recommendation very early (2 years before applying), what should I ask my professors? It is far too early for them to send it through AMCAS. So should I ask if they will send it to me, or hope that they write it now and...
  15. B

    One Year Before Application: What can I do to improve my chances?

    (Sorry in advance for how long this ended up being -- I tried to bold out my main questions) Hi all -- I am currently 23 & graduated in 2016 from a top 10 university. I was pre-med for the first 3 years of college, and ended up dropping the track at that point for various reasons and ended up...
  16. squirrelnutkin

    Thought on Letters of Recommendation from Interns/Residents?

    Hi everyone, First time post. I was just wondering if any of you had any thoughts on getting a letter of recommendation for the VMCAS from a veterinary intern or a surgical resident, or if any of you had done this in the past when applying. I work at a fairly large equine practice as a...
  17. Lifeblood_20

    Name Change and Rec Letters

    Good evening SDN, and Happy (a bit early) New Year. May your 2018 be filled with success and prosperity. I'm currently a sophomore, 2-3 years away from applying to med schools. I'm buying Interfolio thinking it would be helpful to get LORs in ASAP. There's this professor from last semester that...
  18. S

    Rec letters and Dental school

    Hello I hope you all are doing well. I have three questions regarding rec letters for dental schools. 1. Will dental schools accept committee and rec letters that were previously for med school? 2. Can I use Interfolio to send rec letters? 3. Are the requirements pretty much the same as...
  19. J

    Letters of Rec through a committee and separately?

    For my application, would I be able to send another recommendation separate from the letters of recommendation that comes with my committee rec?
  20. UNCafDDS

    Dentist want me to write my own recommendation letter - can somebody lead me in the right direction?

    One of the dentists I shadowed agreed to submit a letter of recommendation on my behalf (for summer 2018 - I am collecting letters on Interfolio). However, he wants me to write it, as he said that he does not have time. I guess he will just read it, approve/edit it, sign it, and submit it. I...

    Rec Letter from Prof/Doc

  22. K

    rec letter from PI vs supervisor (asst. director of research)

    Does it look bad if I get a rec letter from my supervisor who I worked as a Research Assistant under instead of the PI? I worked very closely with my supervisor and her letter is strong. I did not develop as strong of a relationship with the PI. It has also been a year and a half since I've left...
  23. T

    Letters of Rec: Professors

    Hello! So obviously most schools recommend (or require) a letter of rec from a professor. I'm looking to apply to schools in California, and the three schools here only recommend a letter from a professor (though I do understand that it would be ideal to have a letter from a professor). My...
  24. S

    Good time to ask for letter of recommendation?

    Just a quick background - senior about to graduate - a bit late in the game as a pre-med. Anyways, I need letters of recommendation, but was wondering if it is better to ask now, or if should I wait till after finals and graduation? I don't know if it's best to wait until the final grades come...
  25. Dox4lyfe

    Rec letter from PI or project manager?

    I was wondering if I should get a letter of rec from my PI who I almost never communicate with or from the project manager (a grad student) who I work directly with.
  26. B

    Rec letter for non-trad 5 years out of school

    I graduated from college in 2012 major in biochem, took a gap year for volunteering/ECs, then did a 2-year grad program in genetic counseling (not post-bac) and has been working full-time as a genetic counselor for 2 years (clinical experience seeing patients with genetic issues in pregnancy)...
  27. goilers

    Letter of Rec conflict of interest?

    So, I've shadowed a DO for a really good amount of hours on several basis, had great experiences, seen lots, and he'd be a great person to write a letter of rec for me, in addition to another MD who I plan on asking for this upcoming cycle. There's just one draw-back... He's my brother-in-law...
  28. M

    2017-2018 Cycle? --> Good luck 2016 cycle!

    Hello everyone, First of all good luck on everyone's application this year. I would like to start to give a little background of myself and some questions I have. I just started my senior year but I am doing an internship abroad for a whole year. Basically, I am working with prevention...
  29. A

    Schools that do NOT require Teacher Rec letter

    Anyone know of schools that don't require the teacher rec letter? I'm considering mostly Texas schools but would be willing for any out of state schools like NY, FL, CA, CO