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    WAMC URM Black male (MCAT 497, GPA 3.9)

    Hi all! URM Black male, SES disadvantaged, -US citizen but did an undergrad in Canada(Wilfrid Laurier University), , no current US state residency but strong ties to california as it’s my birth state Very sad not sure whether to even apply anymore after receiving a 497 on my second MCAT in a...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical The AMCAS Primary “Deadline”

    In just a few days, many of you will want to submit your medical school primary application. You’ve probably heard that you have to click “send” on the first day possible – which this year is May 28, 2024 – if you want your best shot. But just how true is that? The AMCAS primary deadline: Myth...
  3. S

    Low stats applicant. cGPA 3.1 sGPA 3.15 Strong MCAT. Mediocre ECs.

    Hey all. Just been stressing out and working on my med applications (2025/2026 cycle). Note: I am a Canadian applicant. Been studying for the MCAT (projecting 520s if all goes well based off FLs) GPA is on the much lower side due to a horrible first year (0.5 GPA...yeah) Without it my GPA...
  4. T

    Chance me for T20s

    I just want to preface this by saying I genuinely have no desire to get into a T20 school, but I'm curious what people think. My top choice is Stanford but honestly my reason is so unimaginably stupid I'm not even gonna mention it. I really don't care though and I would be very content going to...
  5. Rose99924@

    What to do?

    Hello, I just graduated from college and I’m too late for all of this. I have a couple of ECs, shadowing but that was virtually because of the pandemic, one research opportunity (not relate to humans per se) one leadership role, TA for science classes over a semester; not enough . I’m working...
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    Hello everyone! 😙
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    Overthinking and Confused so WAMC

    Hi guys! I'm a rising junior and I've been looking at a few (around 15-20 or so) MD and DO schools and the more I look at them the more I'm doubting that I'll have credentials by senior year to apply to Med school. Below are my stats: 3.9 cGPA and 3.8sGPA I haven't taken the MCAT yet but I'm...
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    Hi everyone, I want to thank you all in advance for reviewing my stats. I appreciate it so much and value all of your opinions. I didn't include DO on this list because I'm not adverse to taking another gap year to study again for the MCAT if I must, so I decided to take a shot in the dark and...
  9. LindaAccepted

    How to Apply Successfully to Med School from Postbac Programs

    In this episode, the founder and former Director of San Francisco State University Postbac Programs and Accepted consultant since 2015 explains why the fastest way to medical school is slowly and carefully, and explores the advantages and disadvantages of applying to med school from a postbac...
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical Four Tips for Applying as an Underrepresented Applicant in Medicine

    Each year, I talk to applicants who say they don’t want to make a fuss about their ethnic or racial identity. Their hesitation usually comes from the desire to be judged purely on their own merits. While this is a noble principle, it’s important to look at why having underrepresented groups in...
  11. S

    Introduction & Should I apply this cycle (2023/2024)

    Good evening. I am an international student seeking advice and a realistic opinion about my chances of getting into medical school. Background, I am from Spain, studied in Illinois, and got a bachelor's in Biology (B.S.) and a chemistry minor. I started my bachelor's in 2018 and finished in...
  12. B

    Masters before reapplying

    So I unfortunately did not get accepted into any of the schools (MD or DO) that I applied to this past cycle. My stats were a bit average, 3.5 GPA and 504 MCAT, so it wasn’t too surprising. I will be taking my MCAT again but I also applied to masters programs and was accepted at Brown for...
  13. YoungDaggy

    Update Letter, yes or no?

    My undergrad takes up to 8 weeks from the time of primary verification to write their committee letter and send all LORs. And guess what, they took the full 8 weeks minus two days to send mine, so my apps were not complete until 9/7 (it’s messed up I know). Regardless, I just started a new job...
  14. R

    How do you recommend making a list of medical schools to apply to?

    If I am interested in pursuing competitive surgical specialties, how should I go about curating my list of medical schools to apply to? What would you recommend while researching these schools? Which ones do you recommend for me? Thank you, I really appreciate your help.
  15. J

    School List Help (3.61/515)

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a WAMC for MD/DO schools and help with my school list. Below are my stats/app breakdown: cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA: 3.61 sGPA: 3.60 MCAT score(s) and breakdown 515 (128/127/130/130) State of residence or country of citizenship (if...
  16. 6

    Having 3 Ws on Transcript

    How will this look? Do I completely reject the idea of going to med school? I have 3 withdrawals, after add/drop. 2 of them are medical withdrawals, and 1 is a regular withdrawal. I have had one in Summer of Freshman year, one in Summer of Sophmore year, and 1 in Spring of Junior year.
  17. I

    WAMC? 3.6/507/URM

    I’m FGLI URM so pls be gentle, I don’t have a reference point (but also be truly honest) URM black female low-income Questbridge Match Recipient T10 undergrad From GA but am in IL for undergrad Graduating this June cGPA: 3.73 sGPA: 3.63 (upward trend last 2 years with all A’s except for to...
  18. B

    WAMC: ORM 3.5/508/WA

    First off, thank you to anyone who can help a stressed applicant this cycle!! 24 yo F ORM with a BS in Physiology, cGPA 3.5 and sGPA 3.3 from the University of Washington (graduated 2020). Although it was incredibly difficult to raise my sgpa, I have a very strong upward trend from getting 3.3s...
  19. W

    UNM SOM Waitlist 2022

    Hey everyone, I created this so anyone on the waitlist could post updates and talk to one another if they would like. Today, UNM posted that they have accepted alternates 1 and 2 so there is already some movement. If you decided not to accept your position help a brother out and let us know...
  20. G

    Medical School best advising consultants

    Hello I'm looking for the best medical school applications advising consulting firms; any recommendations and your experiences will be beneficial for the next cycle in 2022.
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    Hello :)
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  23. Whatisthemeaningoflife?

    Veterinarian dreaming to go to US/canadian med school

    Hi, I am currently a final year vet student from south Asia. In the next 3 years, I will get a license to practice in North America (DVM) after passing a lot of difficult exams. However, I do not want to pursue vet med as it is not my passion and I studied it due to family pressure. I want to go...
  24. P

    WAMC: Fall 2023 MD.

    First post here so I apologize if I did anything wrong or I formatted incorrectly! I would appreciate any and all advice, the more realistic the better. cGPA: 3.75 (should be 3.8+ by end of Spring 2022 when I graduate) and sGPA of 3.587 MCAT: 510, 78th percentile (128/127/127/128) Ohio Resident...
  25. H

    Biochemistry grade

    I just received a C in my summer Biochemistry 1 course and don’t know what to do. I was on a upward trend in my gpa and now it’s ruined. I’m a senior in college with a 3.34 cumulative gpa (did not do well freshman year) and I’m not sure how to handle this situation. I don’t even want to know my...
  26. C

    Does this counts as clinical experience?

    Hello, I am currently pre med and I have struggled with finding clinical experience because where I live is REALLY hard to find this kind of opportunities and with COVID still around is way harder. I found this volunteer opportunity and I was wondering if it would count as clinical experience...
  27. N

    3.7/501/TX. Schools to Apply to.

    Hello everyone: I would like to apply as to many medical schools as possible. But I don’t know where I would have a decent chance to get in. I have an undergrad degree in Healthcare management and a minor in Biology. I have a masters in healthcare management with a concentration in analytics...
  28. A

    Which program should I choose to help my app? Baylor Post-bacc vs Arkansas MSB?

    Hey guys, I'm applying to these two programs and idk which is better and/or best for me. Some brief background, I have a cGPA and sGPA of 3.0 as a bio major, with my last 60 hours being ~3.7 and last 2 years ~ 3.5 of mostly upper level hard sciences, MCAT 500, I have published 1 lit review, have...
  29. I

    Got a DUI when I was 17, its sealed now. How will this impact Med Apps

    I got a DUI when I was 17. I was on probation for a year and didn't get in trouble so I got my record sealed and was allowed to withdraw my guilty plea. Haven't been in any trouble since. I am wondering if I should mention this in my apps. I learned a lot from it and it was a serious personal...
  30. I

    Biomedical engineering class count as research?

    I took a biomedical engineering design class where we had to develop a new medical device sponsored with a hospital, could this be classified as "research experience"? We had to do alot of tests and developments, etc. but it was under the premise of a class so would this be considered as research?
  31. H

    WAMC? ORM, 508, 3.86cGPA/3.78scGPA, strong clinical exp., MD/DO

    What are my chances? Hope the detail is more informative and helpful than it is annoying to you. I’m applying for 2021. Thanks for reading From New York, no other ties. 24 y/o white male (will be 25 if/when i matriculate) Finished undergrad december, 2018. Undergraduate major: anthropology...
  32. premeddd121612

    does this count as an IA for med school applications?

    Hi! Long story short, fall of my freshman year of college (2017) I was out with friends and drank way too much. On my home, I was stopped (not by an RA, but by a university police officer) and was required to go to the hospital. He didn't charge me, I didn't get in any trouble with him, he just...
  33. Y

    MD My premature school list. any thoughts?

    ORM from New York cGPA=3.70 from Stony Brook University (in my gap year currently) sGPA=3.68 from Stony Brook University 1st MCAT=503 (126,124,127,126) 2nd MCAT=522 (132,128,131,131) Clinical hours=400ish (just got a medical assistant job but couldn't add the planned 2500 hours on my AMCAS)...
  34. T

    Pharmd to MD or DO

    Hello everybody, I am finishing pharmacy school 2021 with a 3.5-3.6 GPA and thinking of applying to medical school next summer. I have 2 publications and 5 years working in both clinical and retail setting pharmacies. I went to pharmacy school after undergrad because I had a 2.89 gpa and didn’t...
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  36. W

    Does type of clinical experience as a premed matter (pathology)?

    Hello, I am a rising senior in high school. Before you leave or tell me to post this in the high school premed forum instead (which I already did), I would like to say that what I hope to achieve from posting this here is a more focused perspective/advice particularly in my field of interest...
  37. W

    Does the type of clinical experience matter to medical schools?

    Hello, I am a rising senior in high school. Before you tell me to post this in the high school forum instead, I want to say that this question is more med-schools admissions related rather than premed admissions related, and I hoped that this forum would be better equipped to answer this. Does...
  38. M

    Public State Schools Scholarship

    Hello everyone, our undergraduate institution have a partnership with the 3 public medical schools in the state( if I you got accpeted, they will pay the tution). So, is it wise to apply for these schools only, even if I have to apply more than on application cycle. 1-2 years roughly One of...
  39. elloL

    3.96 CGPA, 3.92 SGPA, MA resident - Applying to Harvard Medical 2021

    Hello, this is the first post that I've created. I have been reading SDN posts since my Junior year of high school, but as admissions deadlines near, I have decided to start using it more seriously. A little bit about myself: I am 22 F, Caribbean black, bisexual 1st generation, bilingual with...
  40. hihihihihsdifs

    Acceptance to a DO school but considering gap year for MD

    Hey everyone! I currently have an acceptance to a reputable DO school, however I am considering taking a gap year to make myself more competitive for MD schools. The only thing holding me back from doing so is the fact that I took my MCAT four times. My current stats are a 3.74 GPA and a 510 on...