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letters of rec content?


Full Member
Nov 7, 2019
  1. Pre-Optometry
I plan on asking 2 OD's and 2 Professors for a letter of rec. One of the professors is a non-science prof and the other will likely be a science prof.

One of the professors has already agreed to write me one and asked what information she would like her to include in it but I actually have no idea what kind of content is to be included in an LOR. Any advice?? I plan on sending her my personal statement and resume but what other info should i give her/ask her to write in it for me?

Thanks in advance!


Full Member
May 10, 2019
  1. Pre-Optometry

What I did for my professors/research mentors/OD was provide my resume, personal statement, unofficial transcript (downloaded from my school portal), and then I wrote all my recommenders a personal letter on why I value their perspective on my abilities to succeed in graduate school and a favorite memory about the class/shadowing experience. I guess what would vary is how WELL your professor knows you. I worked as a TA for one professor and a research assistant for the other so I knew them well and they would be able to speak towards my grades AND motivation/work ethic. This is not always the case and you want to refrain from the bulk of your letter being about what grade you got in the class/if you went to office hours/perfect attendance/etc. You want the letter to showcase WHY you chose optometry and the great qualities you display in the classroom that compliment that ambition. Needless to say, I would provide those 4 documents and then let them know if anything else would help!
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