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letters of rec


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Nov 7, 2019
  1. Pre-Optometry
    i'm starting to get my stuff together in order to apply for the upcoming cycle. i was a non-stem major and most of my science classes were 300+ students so i didn't really get to know any of my professors. I have plenty of professors i can ask from my other classes (specifically a spanish professor and an economics professor) i could ask and get good recs from. Anyone have any experience applying with non-science LOR's?

    I could also possibly ask one of my lab ta's who i grew fairly close with to write one however i would have to get the professor to sign off on it as well.

    also do the years of experience and school the OD writing a LOR for you matter in any way? For example, one of the docs i work with went to berekely and has been practicing 10+ years vs another OD who i am closer to went to UAB and has been practicing 3 years. Thank you!


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    Aug 12, 2019
    1. Pre-Optometry
      Schools typically require LOR from a science professors, it’s best to get one from them and not TAs. In my opinion, I don’t think years of experience of the ODs matter. But if you can get a LOR from an alumni,I think that’d help would help.
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