Are y'all giving MD schools one letter of rec. and PhD programs a different letter of rec.? (Are you sending different letters of rec. to different programs to emphasize diff. things), OR are you sending the same letter of rec. to both the MD and PhD programs? Thanks


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Jul 27, 2001
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hm...generally you just send one set per school. There are the rare schools that want copies sent to two different places on campus, but that's very rare. I personally sent them all the same stuff.


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Nov 5, 1999
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I had a group of recommenders who were specifically meant for MD/PhD programs, and another group that was specifically for MD programs.

i thought that was the best thing to do in my case, but you dont have to do it that way.


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Sep 2, 2001
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I sent the same set of 5 letters (2 math profs--one was my math research mentor; my general bio prof; my neuroscience research mentor; and my pre-health adviser) to all programs. I thought it was less work than having to separate the letters. I applied to one school regular MD and even sent the same set of 5 letters to that school as well. I don't think it hurt. Consult with your pre-health advisor. Mine was very friendly but didn't know squat about applying to MD/PhD programs. I only pulled through with the help of SDNers.
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