MPH List of 1 Year MPH Programs

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Mar 25, 2021
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Hi guys! I'm currently a third year in college and planning to attend medical school after a 1 year gap year. I'm extremely interested in public health, so naturally I'm looking into obtaining my MPH. Do you guys have a list of the best 1 Year MPH programs for students straight out of undergraduate? I've tried to look but I haven't been able to find any resources for it.

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Most MPH programs that are 1 year require students to already have a higher degree (MD or JD) or significant (5+ years) experience in public health. So you'd likely only be eligible for 2 year programs.

If you're set on medical school I'd recommend either a masters of science/special masters program (MS/SMP) or getting some clinical/research experience during your gap year. It will be a lot easier to get your MPH after you become a doctor, and the MPH does not help much with medical school admissions.
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I applied this cycle and targeted 1 year programs for the same reasons. Here are some off the top of my head:

1. JHU Full-Time MPH
2. Harvard MPH (45 credits)
3. Columbia Accelerated MPH
4. Yale Advanced Professional MPH
5. UC Davis Generalist MPH
6. Northwestern Full-Time MPH
7. Dartmouth MPH

I suggest doing some digging on the school websites. Duration of program can vary depending on the track you choose too. And like one of the commenters above, some of these programs do require "x" years of post-bacc/public health experience!
Like others have said, 1-yr programs are generally for those on accelerated trajectories (those who have med/ph experience or have already gone through some academic training that would help cut out some of those required courses). I understand you want to complete an MPH in the gap year, but I'm not sure how many program you'd be qualified for coming right out of undergrad. Since you're interested in going to med school, look into MD/MPH joint programs. You'll have to apply to both schools (within the university) and be accepted into both. A joint program usually helps cut out a year from doing the two degrees separately. Another option is to take a gap year during your MD program. An Emory MPH student mentioned she was taking time off from her MD program to complete her MPH. I don't know if her Emory MPH is accelerated though (I don't recall them having a 1-yr program, so she could just be taking 2 years off to complete the MPH). Once you've started your MD, you'd probably be qualified for an accelerated MPH at one of the schools mentioned above (take a look at their requirements).