Listing abstracts/posters - not the presenter/1st author?

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Dec 6, 2021
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Hi & sorry if this has been answered before--

I was wondering for posters/abstracts/presentations we did not present but were a 2nd/3rd/4th author for (due to deciding on retrospective study set up, working on data collection, helping with analysis, and editing abstracts), should we still list them on AMCAS? I have my own 1st author abstract and 1st author oral presentation, but since we worked closely with each other to build the same database and write up our respective research question, should I list those other abstracts/posters/presentations-- even if I'm not first author?

Just wanted to clarify because that brings me from 2 oral presentation/poster to 6; but I didn't want to waste unnecessary character count in this W/A section!


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This is a little more mintuiae, but obviously for a CV, you would include it. For a resume, you could mention you had other credits.

Check the AMCAS W/A pinned post. In my opinion, I would lump this under your description of research with that lab group and mention that you contributed to multiple/six presentations including 2 as a first-author or presenter. You don't have to cite it.
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