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Jan 19, 2005
Hi all,

Call it snow-induced laziness, call it ineptitude, but I wanted to ask what specifically a "letter of intent" is and when it is appropriate to write such a letter. Obviously, the term itself is fairly self-explanatory with regards to indicating to a school that you will attend if selected, but I am curious as to the format and the details one should include with it, as well as when one should write such a letter following the interview.

Thanks to all for your help...it's most appreciated!

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Feb 16, 2005
an LOI should be a formally typed letter, stating your intention to definitely attend that school should you be accepted. Things you can include in it can be stuff like why you really wish to go to that school, how hard you've worked to get to this point, what are some of your motivations for becoming a physician, etc, any updates since your interview, etc. Tell them you were very impressed with the school during your interview day. It should be 1 page at the MOST, although shorter would be preferable; dont make it too long that they wont read it. Try and address it to the Dean of Admissions, as that makes it a more personal letter. There is no real timetable for when you should send this letter out. You can send it out immediately after your interview if you want to, but many people send LOI's only if they've been put on the waitlist. Either way, earlier is always better I think. Good luck with everything!