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Oct 19, 2003
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I recently interviewed at NYMC (March 31st) and really liked it, alot! It has a great curriculum, the facilities are nice, the students are cool, and the match list is more than good enough for me (primary care is my goal, something NYMC excels in).

I want to submit a letter of intent to them, but I'm wondering when is the best time to submit the letter?

I don't want to seem over anxious or anything, but my stats are slightly below their average, due to a red flag (explanation accepted during interview, which went very well). I want them to see the letter as they review my file so that my chances of acceptance will increase (it is getting late in the process).

Wouldn't NYMC look at a letter of intent quite favorably as they accept >700 students for 190 spaces?

Thanks in advance for advice!

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If you have recently interviewed I suggest sending a thank you letter to your interviewers and the adcom telling them that you enjoyed your interview and time with the med students. You can also tell them that you are very interested in their school and what you liked about it based on your experience there such as primary care focus. If you are waitlisted, send LOI. Don't worry about how you are coming off...as anxious or needy in terms of how many letters you send them or when you send them. Just send them. Show strong interest through email as well. Be aggressive!!
I just sent out thank yous today commenting briefly on how I saw the school...very positively, but brief all the same. I am considering sending another letter, more detailed, more like a letter of intent with the corresponding wording and committment, in another week or two. I guess this would be along your advice, mdsiren.

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if you would go to this school above any other, send LOI immediately after interview. I know some schools want to see your commitment and admiraton of the school and no, you won't seem like a sycophant. sending it after getting waitlisted seems desparate while sending it post-interview seems genuine. that is the case with cali schools and many others. :)
I would say to send it to the admissions committee or director of admissions ASAP. I don't know how it is at NYMC, but I know at some other schools the admissions committee won't get letters of intent that are not written to them.
You can send an LOI anytime. I wouldn't worry about appearing too eager. Looking interested definitely won't hurt you. Just keep it short and to the point.

Good luck!
If you've already completed your interviews and you're 100% convinced that NYMC is the right place for you, then you should write a letter of intent to the dean of admissions immediately. The letter should be typed and signed by you. In the letter, convey to the dean that you guarantee that you'll attend if you're admitted to the 2004 entering class. Also, inform the dean as to why NYMC is a perfect fit for you.

Good luck in the admissions process.