Oct 9, 2014
Can anyone please shed me some light about Loma Linda's dental school (other than the fact that it is religious based)?
ex/ student to teacher ratio, patient pool, specialties, etc.
thank you in advance!


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May 22, 2013
I know a bit I guess but any current students could help.

First, it's a religious school. (I know you said other than that but it's important) You have mandatory religious classes, they also have no caffeine or meat on campus (although you are allowed to eat them yourself). Students are not supposed to drink alcohol at all (but when you are living off campy they can't really do much, not saying it's right but I know it happens).

As for the actual school. I know they are being accredited next year so they got a ton of new equipment and renovations . Some people seem "worried" they won't get accredited because a couple years back some students graduated a year late because of clinical requirements. (They fixed this the following year with no problems now) and it seems a larger than usual number of people drop out (the D3 class had 10 drop out since they started, I heard it is due to the rigorous first year science classes). But from other students I personally know that went to my school, they said it wasn't that bad but often easier than undergrad it was just a group of these people who struggled abnormally.

Not sure what the teacher to student ratio is but I'm pretty sure it's just average not high or low.

Loma Linda is very well known for their clinical skills. Every dentist I know in Southern California where I'm from says they are the best school down here at preparing competent dentists. Even my interviewers at other schools said if I didn't choose their school Or get in or whatever Loma Linda was the next best choice they told me.

They have all the specialties there and so there are a lot of connections to make and opportunities to shadow.

They REALLY emphasize service in dental school and encourage international Dental trips while there.