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Oct 24, 2022
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I failed in my first EPPP attempt recently. I will be taking again approximately in 6 months. I started to study again with AATBS & PsyPrep, and I will be starting to study Taylor Method on November. I used AATBS, PsyPrep, PrepJet(in the first 6 months), and AR (just questions), the main that I used in my last 6 months was AATBS with PsyPrep. I think that will be good idea find a EPPP group study in which we may explain different concepts, cases, etc between each other, provide support, and learning the concepts in other points and perspective helping us with metacognition and critical thinking. I heard that elaborative rehearsal is the deepest way to learn that material due to it's meaningful and can be transferring to long term memory. Thanks,

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I used AATBS for several months including the practice exams but also failed. Did you use the PrepJet study reviews or questions only? I ask because I boosted my score by over 130 points and passed after using that program for 2.5 months. It may be that you shifted between study programs too much which can make retention hard.
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Thanks! I studied in the first six months but I focused more in that time to practice questions. I was having the full program, and I read the topics few times. I agreed with you I had been shifting between programs a lot. Wao! Congrats! Over 130 points is great! Thanks for the advice!