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  1. LittlePumpkin

    EPPP AATBS Materials for Sale (2018 & 2022 versions) workbooks & flashcards.

    Hi everyone, I used PrepJet, AATBS, and PsychPrep to study for the EPPP. I have the AATBS workbooks and full box of flashcards - all are intact with mild highlighting here and there. I used it privately for 3 months until I moved on to PrepJet then packed it up. These are the 2022 materials...
  2. R

    EPPP Study Materials for Sale - MAKE ME AN OFFER!! (***Passed on the 1st try!***)

    I have all of the following for sale (to be sold together): - all materials from PsychPrep - Mometrix EPPP Fundamentals (digital and hard copy) study guide - EPPP Flashcards (one set for each of the domains) - EPPP Study.com (print outs of all lessons, 300+ pages) - Modern Psychologist Study...
  3. P

    EPPP part 2 early adoption

    EPPP part 2 early adoption DC decided to be an early adopter of the part 2 and put in a terrible clause that forced all applicants with a degree conferral post Jan 1, 2022 to take it. Sucks for me because I'm already a licensed psychologist in another state with psypact but because my conferral...
  4. SingingPhD

    2021 Edition AATBS EPPP materials: books and notecards

    Hi yall! just passed the EPPP (fiiinally!) and have the full 2021 AATBS book study materials and the full color-coded flashcards set. Books were originally $349, flashcards originally $199, plus taxes etc. So pre tax and shipping, $548. looking to sell them for $400? Or best offer I suppose...
  5. smarietr

    Looking EPPP study group

    I failed in my first EPPP attempt recently. I will be taking again approximately in 6 months. I started to study again with AATBS & PsyPrep, and I will be starting to study Taylor Method on November. I used AATBS, PsyPrep, PrepJet(in the first 6 months), and AR (just questions), the main that I...
  6. D


    Giving up. I feel like I’ve done it all. Spent thousands of dollars on study materials from all the top big name study companies. Hundreds of hours of study time trying to cover all the domains thoroughly, building test taking skills/strategies, working on test taking anxiety, nothing seems to...
  7. D

    For sale aatbs online password for studying

    Aatbs password for online study materials Expire June 2020 E-mail for cost
  8. TXneuronerd15

    Prepjet reaction

    So far I like how organized the program is, but the domain summaries are very short compared to Academic Review. Anyone who has used prepjet feel that the summaries are thorough enough for the actual test who has taken it? (Please only answer about how similar overall the material was to the...
  9. TXneuronerd15

    Retired Questions

    As I begin to study for the EPPP again, I can’t help but wonder why should we study retired questions? Doesn’t that make them current and not retired? About what %age on a typical eppp exam(actual) has “retired questions”?
  10. TXneuronerd15

    Disparity between prep materials and the real epp

    Hello everyone, I’m wondering about your experiences with studying for the eppp vs the test. I averaged an 81% average( lowest ;72%, highest; 93) after taking 11 practice exams using ar study volumes plus a one month subscription also using their flash cards, quizzes, etc. I got a 445 on the...
  11. A

    AATBS EPPP prep books, Academic Review flash cards, and bonus sample tests for sale

    2018 edition EPPP exam prep books includes exam strategies book and all 6 volumes. As a bonus will include: Academic review flash cards 5 sample exams 2 study notebooks Just used to pass my licensing exam this month! Good luck! Email [email protected] or message @adrynne on Instagram if...
  12. M

    EPPP study buddy

    Hi! I’ve signed up today to take the EPPP on October 15th and was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me to stay motivated and on track. I needed 4 more points to pass on my first attempt back in May. Now I know what I didn’t study and should have besides focusing on time...
  13. M


    Hi- I’m looking to get my hands on the EPPP digital audio files or a CD of the EPPP lectures. Prefer AATBS or PSYCHPREP. Will pay fair price. Thanks-Melanie
  14. D

    EPPP Materials

    Selling: Psych Prep Study Book 2012 $75 Psych Prep Study Book 2010 $50 AATBs Books 2013 $150 AATBs Books 2015. $199 AATBs Flashcards. $45 Audio CD Psych Prep $75 Original Audio CD AATBs original $75 Original Plus shipping cost no handling cost Also I have some study stuff I will throw in for...
  15. ItsNotMe_ItsYou

    PhD/PsyD EPPP - How to Prepare, Practice, & PASS

    I hope this thread can become a resource for anyone who is planning to take or retake the EPPP in the foreseeable future. To my knowledge, no such thread exists. I believe it would be beneficial to have one centralized location for future test-takers to discuss and share how to best prepare...
  16. L

    PhD in clinical psychology (UK)

    Hey! I finished my undergrad in Neurobiology this year in the United States, and my future goal is to be a child psychologist. I wanted to know what are my chances of getting a license to practice in the United States, if I go abroad (mainly UK) to do a PhD in child psychology. I also would...
  17. C

    EPPP Materials for Sale

    Looking for materials.... Especially anything electronic. Also looking for PsychPrep's written materials. Thanks!
  18. P

    EPPP 2017 study volumes and flashcards for sale!

    Hi, I am looking to sell a full set of current (2017) Academic Review study volumes and a full PDF set of flashcards. Both items were bought in Spring 2017 and I passed the EPPP on the first try in August 2017. Let me know if you are looking to buy these study materials, thanks!
  19. M

    Can I Still Take the EPPP

    I last failed the EPPP in 2009. I'm thinking about trying again but heard rumors that I may no longer be eligible. I checked the NY State board and found nothing. Does anyone know about this?
  20. A

    Need some EPPP support

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the group and just wanted to connect with you all. I finished my post-Doc hours back in 2012 and have been a full time mom to my growing family since then. It is a joy but has necessitated my taking a break from EPPP prep. I am feeling ready to start prep work for the...
  21. A

    Multiple Unsuccessful EPPP Attempts :(

    I moved my whole life from paradise (San Diego) to upstate New York to complete my post doc and become licensed in New York. I completed my required supervised hours in October 2015, and since then, have unsuccessfully attempted the EPPP 4 times. In New York, a converted score of 75 is...
  22. I

    PhD/PsyD EPPP- sitting during internship/before degree conferred

    Hello, I apologize in advance if this has been posted elsewhere. I am currently on internship and looking to take the EPPP during the internship year. Are you aware of any states that allow you to apply for the licensure process and be eligible to sit for the EPPP during internship aka before...
  23. N

    Seeking: EPPP Study Materials and Practice Exams

    Hi all, I was recently notified that I am eligible to go through with the EPPP and Jurisprudence Exam. I bought the study volume from Academic Review and their flash cards, but I would appreciate if anyone can let me know if they are selling/giving away practice exams and/or other study...
  24. D

    EPPP Study materials 2015-Passed test with these!

    I have the AATBS Psychology EPPP Preparation Books, Volumes 1-6 comprehensively covering all material on the EPPP. These books are very detailed and provide excellent studying information. I also have the notecards it came with. I used these materials to study and passed the test! I also have...
  25. foreverbull

    PhD/PsyD EPPP Practice Tests Worth It?

    Probably about 4-6 months from taking the EPPP, and I have a set of practice materials handed down to me. My question is this: are online practice exams necessary? Financially it's a tight squeeze to try to pay $350-$500 for the online practice tests alone, and I have been a high-achieving...
  26. T

    AATBS materials for sale for EPPP

    Hi - I bought the AATBS Silver Package in January 2016 and just passed the EPPP with a great score. I'm selling the 2016 Comprehensive Study Volumes (original price $349) and Exam Strategies Package (original price $110) for $300 or best offer. The books are in pristine condition. I'll also...