eppp materials

  1. SingingPhD

    2021 Edition AATBS EPPP materials: books and notecards

    Hi yall! just passed the EPPP (fiiinally!) and have the full 2021 AATBS book study materials and the full color-coded flashcards set. Books were originally $349, flashcards originally $199, plus taxes etc. So pre tax and shipping, $548. looking to sell them for $400? Or best offer I suppose...
  2. smarietr

    Looking EPPP study group

    I failed in my first EPPP attempt recently. I will be taking again approximately in 6 months. I started to study again with AATBS & PsyPrep, and I will be starting to study Taylor Method on November. I used AATBS, PsyPrep, PrepJet(in the first 6 months), and AR (just questions), the main that I...
  3. D

    For sale aatbs online password for studying

    Aatbs password for online study materials Expire June 2020 E-mail for cost
  4. A

    AATBS EPPP prep books, Academic Review flash cards, and bonus sample tests for sale

    2018 edition EPPP exam prep books includes exam strategies book and all 6 volumes. As a bonus will include: Academic review flash cards 5 sample exams 2 study notebooks Just used to pass my licensing exam this month! Good luck! Email [email protected] or message @adrynne on Instagram if...
  5. A

    For Sale Selling EPPP Study Volumes

    I passed the EPPP on my first try in July 2018! I only used these and took typed notes of what I read as my studying strategy. I'm Selling my 2017 AATBS Study Guide (All 7 Volumes) - Absolutely no highlighting, writing, or tears - The study charts at the end of each book are unused, and...
  6. P

    For Sale ALL SOLD! EPPP Study Materials (AATBS 2017, PsychPrep 2016)

    I passed and would like to sell AATBS 2017 and PsychPrep 2016 materials. I want to get rid of the materials quick so make an offer for whatever interests you! AATBS comprehensive study volumes(2017). AATBS exam strategies(2017). AATBS-comprehensive audiofiles (2018). PsychPrep Study Binder...
  7. M


    Hi- I’m looking to get my hands on the EPPP digital audio files or a CD of the EPPP lectures. Prefer AATBS or PSYCHPREP. Will pay fair price. Thanks-Melanie
  8. A

    For Sale EPPP 2017 Study Materials For Sale AATBS and some PsychPrep

    Hey all you fellow EPPP studiers. I recently passed the EPPP (yay), and am selling my materials and login info. I have ALL of the books from AATBS, the Silver package, including the flashcards and the exam strategies book. I also have a full set of Psychprep EPPP flash cards. Furthermore, I have...
  9. K

    EPPP Study Buddy/Partner

    Hi Everyone, I have failed the EPPP 2 times, though I improved significantly the second time. I want to continue to do things different. . I live in NY, I can do email, FT, in person, phone...whatever works. I think that having someone going through a similar situation will be helpful. Thanks
  10. D

    EPPP Materials

    Selling: Psych Prep Study Book 2012 $75 Psych Prep Study Book 2010 $50 AATBs Books 2013 $150 AATBs Books 2015. $199 AATBs Flashcards. $45 Audio CD Psych Prep $75 Original Audio CD AATBs original $75 Original Plus shipping cost no handling cost Also I have some study stuff I will throw in for...
  11. N

    2017 EPPP Study Materials For Sale

    I just passed the EPPP (first try, scaled score = 627) and am selling my AATBS prep books. I found these super helpful - these were the only prep materials I bought. One of the books has a bit of highlighting, otherwise just normal wear-and-tear from reading, but no writing. Books were $350...
  12. C

    EPPP Materials for Sale

    Looking for materials.... Especially anything electronic. Also looking for PsychPrep's written materials. Thanks!
  13. P

    EPPP 2017 study volumes and flashcards for sale!

    Hi, I am looking to sell a full set of current (2017) Academic Review study volumes and a full PDF set of flashcards. Both items were bought in Spring 2017 and I passed the EPPP on the first try in August 2017. Let me know if you are looking to buy these study materials, thanks!