Looking for reputable but affordable pre med program

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Nov 16, 2022
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Hi People,

I am Swana Singh from India. A non traditional international student with non biology background. I am a US med school aspirant. Recently I realised that I may need to repeat my undergrad from the US in biology major. I thought of post bacc but most of them are not available on F1. Can you guys recommend me some undergrad programs which are reputed but also affordable. Any MS degree would also make sense. Pls guys share knowledge and guide me as I have limited resources. I am sitting here in India and don’t know anyone from US medical or healthcare. I badly need right guidance.

Thanks a lot.
Swana Singh

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If your resources are limited, and you don’t have a bachelor’s degree from a US university, it might make more sense to go to medical school in India. It’s not easy to get into any US medical school as an international student (those that are accepted are usually top students). Are you thinking of coming to the US to repeat your undergraduate degree?
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