Aug 23, 2016
So I'm a non traditional student in the sense that I didn't go right into med school after undergrad. I've been out around 3 years, and I am wondering if I need to boost my ECs.

My school had a cadaver lab:
1. Serve as an intern helping anatomy students learn human anatomy on the models and cadavers
2. Was one of a few people that do dissections for that semesters anatomy class, and teach the interns all the parts they need to teach the anatomy students.

I did two international medical mission trips on one I observed NPs from another school providing rural care/educating long term care providers there. The other I followed different types of docs around. One was two weeks and another was a month.

Have done around 50 hours of hospice volunteering.

Worked as a lab tech doing research at an ethanol plant for a few months.

Spent 9 months as a nurses aid

2 months as a phlebo (learned a lot but the job at the ethanol plant was offered)

(Not sure if I should include this?) Worked 6 months in quality assurance at a meat packing plant. I wanted to be in their lab, but they kind of lied to me about what I would be doing, but was exposed to a lot of great diversity and working with those in different backgrounds was very humbling/cool.

Hugh O'Brian Youth leadership have volunteered at several seminars ~40-50hrs per seminar helping teach high school sophomores leadership skills.

Worked for a year as basically an MLS running patient pcr specimens in a hospital. Run the lab by myself in the evening basically.

Tutored at my college in a ton of subjects

Volunteered at the big scholarship weekend at my college mentoring/hosting a potential scholarship recipient (since I received that scholarship throughout college).

A few other random orgs that I didn't get too involved in/don't think are worth mentioning.

Shadowed a ophthalmologist for 16 hours.

I've pretty much been a lazy pile out of school other than working, yay for personality disorders and crippling depression and anxiety!

As an aside, does it look bad that I haven't done much these last few years out of school besides work? I guess I am getting surgery for my endometriosis after years of pain and docs looking at me like I suddenly sprouted horns. So I sup pose I can kind of use that as an excuse?


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Jan 8, 2013
sorry to hear about your mental issues

i'm currently applying so take with grain of salt

you have a good deal of medical/leadership education experience

decent clinical observation/exposure with the hospice volunteering and shadowing

lots of interesting work experiences, w/bench lab being pretty big

I don't think you really are missing anything, besides things like publications which aren't necessary

good luck!