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Lor Q


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10+ Year Member
Mar 30, 2006
  1. Fellow [Any Field]
    I think the best ones are the ones that stand out. The more generic comments, the less it really says about you. If the letter gives examples, uses superlatives, tells stories, that's way better than, "Did very well on rotation."


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    Jul 23, 2006
      Is it true that some internal medicine residency programs require that we give them a medicine chair's letter from our medicine rotation? I just heard this from a group of friends. It this is true, then I am worried, b/c I have a letter from an attending where I did my medicine rotation but I don't have any letter from a chair.


      The End Is In Sight!!!
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      May 20, 2004
      Durham, NC
      1. Fellow [Any Field]
        Unfortunately it is true and I had to get one form my Chair of IM @ my school. I have never even talked to him and I had to ask him for one. But he wrote it and it is kind of generic but you gotta get one for some schools so what can you do? I only need it for UCDavis and all the other programs I am applying for don't require it so I won't use it for those.
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