Nov 29, 2014
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Planning on requesting my two letter of recs over this Christmas break in preparation for applying this summer.

Could anyone give me tips on how to ask for the letter of rec in a polite and efficient way? Also, I'm using interfolio, does anyone have any insight on using this site?

Oct 22, 2014
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Go and ask in person. Have your resume/CV in hand in case they ask for it.
Ask for a "positive/good" LOR (I never did though...).

You set up an account on interfolio. You pay ~$20 to get 1 year sub. You send them a requests asking for a LOR over interfoli once they agree to write you one, so you need their email.

I would personally ask after christmas break... give them the holiday off and let them enjoy. But those are just my thoughts.
You will have plenty of time to ask for LOR next year.
You can start ~March, Feb is early.
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Oct 5, 2007
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Interfolio gives you a PDF to print out. You attach it to the LOR and try to make sure they send it in with the LOR.

It helps expedite the process when Interfolio gets your letter.

*Make sure you let them know it has to be on letterhead and signed! Some schools will absolutely require this!

Alternatively the professor can make an account on Interfolio and upload the LOR.
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