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Jul 27, 2016
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I started undergrad in 2012 and I'm still not done yet. Due to my grades I will have to take some classes over to graduate, which are pre-reqs for dental school. I really want to be a dentist. I am super bummed I am not graduating during my 4 years in college which will eventually turn into 6 years but I don't want to hold back on my dream to go to dental school because of that. In my junior year I decided I want to become a dentist and I joined my pre-dent club. I am lost because I do not know where to start at to have an active resume being that it's the summer and I am not working or taking any classes. How can I stay active this summer as well as during future semesters to boost my resume up? Where should I start?


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May 1, 2016
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You can start taking classes now, which will take you about two years to finish. I say do not declare that you are graduating at the university even when you're done with your major's classes. First reason: dental schools want to see you take pre-req at 4 years university. Secondly, you'll pay for the pre-req as an undergrad instead of post-grad, which is $100 cheaper per unit. Lastly, you can still qualify for financial aid if you're still working on your first bachelor.

I have changed my major and career path and finished my undergraduate in six years. My family is well educated and everyone went to good university, so the pressure on me was tough. But I thought to myself, that I am doing this for myself, not for them.

The amount of years that you're spending at the university does not dictate how successful you are.

I know this is something that you're stressing now, but five years down the road, you'll look back and laugh at it. Because the solution is very simple, which is to expand your college years to take the pre-req. Best of luck!
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